Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tag Cards (X 2)...Little Tangles Challenge 24: Shaped Cards


Hope you’re having a most wonderful Sunday. Throughout our province, road and weather conditions are, in a word, horrible, so hibernation day 2!  While not stepping outside the entire weekend is a sure sign I’m a winter wimp (not even poking my nose out for a breath of cool air!), I’m okay with that. Plenty to keep me occupied.

Card-making = productive!  Card-posting = madly dashing before a couple of links close on me. I fully intended to post earlier, when, for reasons unknown, I wound up surfing beyond card-site territory (my 'treat' after vacuuming, laundry, making pizza dough, waiting for Restaurant Express to start) only to discover a Neil Diamond BBC  Live Concert video from 1971. Oh. My. Yummy. I’ve been in a swoon for the past hour. Years ago (many!), I remember having a major crush on him (hmmm, judging by the goofy smile plastered across my face while watching, I think said crush carries on!), often wishing my parents would have named me Caroline, rather than plain old Carol, because then I could imagine he was singing Sweet Caroline for me. Only me. Neil Diamond: legend.  I nearly got swept up in a trip down memory lane – David Cassidy, Elvis, the Archies (call me weirdo, but I know all the words to Sugar, Sugar, still), the Monkees, oh I could go on - but a quick look at the clock , an audible ‘whoops,’ and here I am with a couple cards to share.

Little Tangles is having a ‘shaped card’ challenge, 

and it took me until today to figure out how to marry a ‘shape’ with my non-Christmas Neat and Tangled stamps (wish list is long. Very long!) to make a Christmas card.   Thinking, thinking…and I landed on a       tag cards. Not just a tag, but a tag card (okay, two), created by folding my card base and die-cutting it with a tag die positioned just above the fold.  A few Christmas themed add-ons and ta dahhh…

Here they are:

and here they are, standing sideways, to show their 'card-i-ness'...

Neat and Tangled "Thinking of You" Christmas-style...

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. These are great! I love these beautiful cards and the sentiment is just perfect. Thanks for playing along with us at Little Tangles.

  2. Hey Caroline!! Love these!! You are in card making overdrive! Now I see where my mojo has gone - it's gone over to visit you!! Please send him back asap!!! I spent all night trying to sneak something in (down to the wire!) for the Sparks challenge, and nothing would come!! Yup, one of *those* nights!! Although, I can't complain - mojo has been cooperating with me until today! Well, now, back to those beautiful tags! Full of spunk, sparkle and happy! They are just delightful. I can envision them attached to a beautifully wrapped package that is going to make the recipient go "WOW"!! And so they should!!

  3. I'm reading blogs with my men/boys around me watching football. As I am reading this post, I sing "Sweet Caroline" and my teenage boys went "buh, buh, bum...good times never seem so good" How in the world do my teenage boys know Neil Diamond?? I guess he transcends the generations.

  4. And I will be CASing your tag-shaped card idea - what a fun look!

  5. You were inspired, my friend! These are just fabulous! So glad somebody else loves Neil Diamond (saw him in person with hubby--amazing!) & The Monkeys (my high school group sang a lot of their songs)--memory lane is good--LOL! Glad you had a fun weekend despite the weather.

  6. What an amazing idea, Carol ... tag shapes ... totally inspired ... that's what not going out in the horrid cold weather does for you! Neil Diamond ... definitely worth the diversion ... saw a documentary on him in the summer ... from early days to now ... and he's still as awesome and brilliant as ever! Anita :)

  7. Ooooooo, banner/pennant shaped cards; genius! I love BOTH versions, and I am with you on Neil Diamond, David Cassidy, etc. I wore out my "Cherish" 45, but "I Think I Love You" is still my favorite :)

  8. I simply adore your festive tag cards! What wonderful colors and embellishments! Oh snow? knock on wood that we don't get any...I'm a weather wimp too!

    Thanks for playing with us at Little Tangles!

  9. This is poifect!!! We're supposed to get snow today :'(
    I love the shaped label and anything banner shaped is a winner to me. Thanks for joining us at Little Tangles!

    Also... ;) won my giveaway from Cath's farewell blog hop! Send me an email girlie and I'll place your order for the TAWS In Stitches and Pieces sets!

  10. OH MY.....YOU'RE A GENIUS! Love Barb's comment....thiese are "poifect" (Popeye ?) I have been struggling to come up with an idea for my gift tags this year...and you just discovered it for me! So fabulously creative!!! The label dies look awesome 'extended' beyond the banner die! Decorated sooooo pretty too! Girl - you just saved my day !

    Now Neil Diamond, Monkess (was totally in love with Davy Jones). Do you know that there are "Monkee" slot machines in Vegas? Brady and I discovered them last year when we were there. Of course, she looked at me like I was totally off my rocker with my excitement of said discovery. Never won more than $1 though!

    Congrats on the win at Barb's blog! Good things come to good people!