Friday, July 4, 2014

AAA Cards: The MacGyver Challenge

Hello - and to all my US friends: HAPPY JULY 4th!!  I hope your day is filled with festivity and celebration. Oh, and fireworks!! Lots  of  whizz-bang-golly gee, light-the-sky-into-a zillion-sparks-of-colour (oops, I mean 'color' - for today!) fireworks!  Love fireworks!  Years ago, my dad and grandpa would set off fireworks on the farm; some ignited, some didn't, but my, the memories of those times....Then we'd have a wiener roast, with the hot dogs precariously straddling sticks we'd selected ever-so-carefully earlier in the day, whittled to sharpened points by my grandpa. Mine inevitably ended up in the fire, but I thoroughly enjoyed my charred cuisine...Happy, nostalgic sighhh...

Speaking of sparks and 'hot' things (oops..inside voice coming out) do you remember MacGyver, from 'back-in-the day'?  The man who could make 'anything' out of essentially nothing?  Yes, I grew up watching MacGyver (and The Partridge Family...and Get Smart...and Gilligan's them all!!), so you can imagine my delight when I discovered what a team of brilliant, talented designers had come up with: AAA Cards: The MacGyver Challenge

The first part of the challenge:  visit the designers' blogs, and 'find' precisely what Mr. Handsome MacGyver required.  Along the way, however, we were also treated to some fabulous cards AND tutorials!  A treasure hunt, with an eye-candy + inspiration twist.  Winning combination all around.  Once we'd found our items, we were invited to share them in a blog post, and that's why I'm here: to fulfill my mission (oh, and I also watched Mission Impossible!!):

Here's the challenge overview....

The results of my 'hunt and find' journey follow - and let me tell you: too. much. fun!!

Victoria shared a wonderful tutorial on making an enameled embellishment, resulting in this darling card
and an item for my 'search'

Angela created a stunning card and note cards gift set:

Jane dazzled us with a trio of lovely water-colour cards

and a second item on the MacGyver list:

Julia's shadow resist butterfly card is nothing short of swoon-inducing:

Item #3 found here, too

 Hannelie's sympathy card is utterly gorgeous...

Linda's card is a brilliant, fun, fresh showcase of the MacGyver challenge

and the locale of Item #4:

Vicki dazzled and delighted with her version of the challenge:

and Item #5: 

Of course, finding the 'goods' wasn't the end.  The next part:  to feature those newly found items, a la the inspiration of Linda and Vicki, our 'version' of a card/project using:  a hole, corrugated card-board, a stamp, string and plastic.

A challenge that I *had* to tackle...

Wondering what I made?  Head over to my next post....

And to the AAA Cards Team: thank you for creating this 'stretch our creativity challenge (and the MacGyver throwback was pretty awesome too!)

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!!


  1. Carol what a fabulous post showing all the elements you collected!
    Thanks so much for joining the fun at AAA cards!

  2. C- you're great! thank you for this fabulous post. I am so glad you had fun with our little game! Adding your name to my mermaid magic fishbowl- tomorrow she picks a winner for the glitter and embossing set. Best of luck! Victoria Lavender, AAA Cards

  3. Amazing post describing your journey through our blog hop. you obviously had fun! Thanks for playing at AAA Cards.

  4. This is just the greatest honor having you show the difference challenges, the DT projects and everything! Thank you for YOUR inspiring designs, Carol! We at AAA Cards appreciate you!

  5. What a fun post, Carol ... way to go finding all those clues ... and inspiration! Hadn't heard of MacGyver (education sadly lacking??) but would've played along if someone hadn't pressed the fast forward button this week! Anita :)

  6. OOoh, this sounds like fun!!!! Can't wait to get to your next post to see what wonderfulness you have created xxx

  7. Gosh I don't know how I missed this post. lol We love to have camp fires here in the back yard and often roast hot dogs over the open fire with our boys. Now we hope to do it with the grands as they get big enough. Why is it your own kids are plenty old enough, but with the grands you are so careful and never thing they are old enough?! With supervision they are and I hope to be able to start this tradition with them. Might not be on the 4th but just a summer thing. Sounds like you have great memories of your grandparents and dad Carol! I think that is so great! I hope our grandchildren have many years of wonderful memories with us as well. One of our grands is coming this Friday to spend the night, so I need to plan some things for us to do! Now you have taken me back in time too, I loved and watched all the shows you talked about. And uh, still watch Gillian's Island every chance I get. lol I love simple tv that just entertains us without all the violence and sex, just plain funny shows. I often tune into the old shows just for a good laugh. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Carol. Now I can't wait to see all the MacGyver things you come up with! Hugs, Brenda

  8. What a fun idea for a challenge!!! And yup, you nailed it!!!