Friday, August 2, 2013

Tulip Just A Note...Unscripted *Flashback Summer* Sketches #27 and The Paper Players #156

Playgrounds - I don't recall them being as much fun when I was a kid, compared to how crazy, zany, amazing FUN they are now with a 3 and 1 year old performing their shenanigans!  Swings, slides, mini-climbing walls - everything designed to encourage play+++, as well as,yes, a few 'hold-breath moments' when the climbing on monkey bars - which are now quite intricate works of art, I've discovered, with their 'fireman' poles, curved ladders, 'rope' steps - went a little higher than Aunty C's comfort zone was comfortable with!  You'd think that high-intensity, full expenditure energy playing would tire the young 'uns out, but nope! More play = more energy. Hmmmm...maybe that's a message to all of us to play more! 

 Amongst the many highlights of yesterday's playground episode two stand out:
  • my niece who 'convinces' me to carry her, because when she walks, "I'm so so so SO slow, Aunty C." Of course, her mom and dad prefer her strolling under her own steam, so deals must be struck.  Outcome is predictable:  a-carrying we go.  Weight-bearing exercise - good for building muscles and keeping bones strong (har de har, har!). Sometimes Aunty's just win out (and soon enough she won't want to be carried - take the opportunities when I can!!)
  • when my nephew goes down the slide, we make sure someone is at the bottom to catch him. Obviously, part of that is 'cautionary' (little legs sometimes don't get under quite right and little bums don't get seated quite right...headers!!), but the 'real' reason is because catching *giggles* is just infinitely heart-warming!!  Sooo...he's learned well - and when Aunty C went down the slide, guess who stood at the end, with  his little arms outstretched to catch her!  Bundles of cuteness+++
Anyway...between running errands all morning with my mom, taking my dad for his regular blood tests, another bought of shopping with mom, and heading to see the kids, I squeaked in two cards.

Even though they feature the same stamp (tulip from Hero Arts, which I found during one of our trips to Everafter in Kelowna)...drum roll...they're both 'firsts': my first 'venture' in watercolouring - one using distress marker ink; the other using Memento inks.  Yes, I need much more practice (shading, especially) - and that practice is definitely going to happen!  From being hesitant about watercolouring, I'm embracing it immensely!  Oh, the possibilities...

First card is for Unscripted "Flashback Summer" Sketch #27, featuring the distress ink markers as watercolour:


My second is for The Paper Players #156

Memento inks as watercolour...
I LOVE this may appear frequently...

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Have a fantastic Friday!


  1. Oh so pretty...lovely image and colors! You must be a wonderful aunty too! Thanks for playing with my Paper Players sketch this week!

  2. Sounds like when "Auntie C." gets home, she's going to need a vacation from vacation!! Your time with the little ones sound like heaven. Mine will be coming for a sleep over tomorrow... can't wait!!!! Absolutely love your cards. That tulip is fantastic, and brave you for water coloring!! Great job too, Kylie will be very proud! Love the colors too. Wonderful, wonderful. Bev

  3. WHOAAAAAAAAAA! You water coloured that??!!! One word: amazing!!! I am LOVING how you are experimenting with all sorts of different mediums! And with SO much success!!! I can only see the second card on my clunker computer though :(
    All your special Aunty moments just make me so happy! Carrying - YES! Slide rides - YES! Fun and times that will make your heart smile forever - YES, YES, YES!!!!

  4. I'm sure that I could hear the playground giggles as I read your post...both from you and the wee ones! They must be having a blast with Aunty C !!!

    Beautiful cards - amazing job with your first attempt at watercolor! The results really are pretty, aren't they...the softness that cannot be replicated by any other technique. Both cards are beauties! Love that stamp - definitely can see the versatility in this pretty!

    Sleep well tonight Aunty C cuz it sounds like you will be in for several more activity filled days :)

  5. What pretty cards ... so glad you joined us at Unscripted Sketches.

  6. This is a delightful tulip card, Carol! I adore the little tag!!

  7. Love hearing about your adventures. The children are lucky to have such an engaged aunt in their lives. :)

    Both of your cards are STUNNING! Love that stamp too. Your colouring of both images is just amazing. Can't believe it is your first attempt! Look out world! And yes, Bev is right! Super proud of you and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. :)

  8. Oh we must be related! Your auntie stories bring back so many memories & absolutely--carry them while they want it! One of the perks of being auntie & not mommie, I always say! Sounds like your time away from home is full of fun & I don't think you need more energy--all of that & still made 2 cards--impressive! And I love that stamp & your watercoloring is beautiful to my eye.