Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Party Favours"...Little Tangles Birthday Bash

After nearly three awesome + fabulous +spectacular + way too much fun weeks with my family, I'm home, beyond delighted to be reunited with my husband (exhausted man!!), but oh so missing my folks, my brother and sister-in-law, my sister and her husband, and especially, my niece and nephew!! Pouty Aunty C!!

Best prescription for the *sads* (besides wanting to spill tears) is to think happy thoughts,  look at happy photos, and make them happy somethings!! Yes!!

As you know, I 'celebrate' - with a card, note, maybe a wee treat - my niece and nephew's special "birth day" each month. In September, my niece will be 3 1/2 years old and my nephew 1 1/2  (gahhh...they're growing up so fast!  They'll be in school in a blink, then they'll turn into teenagers, and...oh my, where does the time go!!).  In my search for inspiration, I was drawn back (again!!) to the challenges over at Little Tangles Birthday Bash Celebration,

specifically the Party Favors Challenge.  I'll wait while you check it out, as it's nothing short of FABULOUS and inspiring.  The 'Smores photos and projects created by Tracey McNeely are amazing, so much so that my efforts to ward off a 'smores indulgence is weakening, rapidly (I'm not even a 'smore fan, but I could be convinced...).

As you'll discover, my project won't be anywhere near as delightful as Tracey's or the others who have contributed along the celebration paths, as a) I'm not that talented (trying, learning and growing, though!!) and b) I don't  have any Neat and Tangles stamps...yet (order sent yesterday...yayyyy)! My projects for this challenge use the freebies here, and some 12 X 12 paper I've had in my stash for ages.  Because my nephew wants what my niece has, and she wants what he has (sibling rivalry is alive and well!!), the paper works perfectly: sort of the same, yet sort of different.

A picture-heavy post, so I'll quit chatting and get a-moving:

First step: two treat bags, following instructions from this video. It's a darling little bag (my folding needs work; next time, perhaps less stiff paper!), that has two pockets on either side, and one through the middle.  No adhesives required - just ribbon through the top.  I water-coloured the little birds with Distress Markers, die cut them and added them to a die cut scallop circle.

Step 2: add two little tags...

Here they are separately..

Step 3: two little envelopes for two little 3 X 3 cards...

Put them all together and here's one "party favour" set: bag + tag + treat on one side of the treat bag, and when I give it to them, the envelope + card + another treat will be on the other side.

Here's the other...

and here's the whole she-bang...

And there it is: my Party Favours to celebrate Happy 36 Months Old, and Happy 18 Months Old.

THANK YOU  to Little Tangles and Neat and Tangles for the awesome inspiration! Love this birthday bash!!

One more photo - my niece! We went to the Farmers' Market on Saturday, where she had her face painted. The artist asked her what her favourite colour was - purple (at that moment, anyway) - and then asked what she wanted to be - bumble bee.  A purple bumble bee...and so she was.

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day!!


  1. Whhaaa whaaa whaaa WHAAAT??!!! Did I read that correctly??!! "not that talented"??!!! Are you kidding me??! Carol, these are ADORABLE!!! And full, FULL of talent! The kiddos are going to be shrieking with delight when they see these!! Maybe as loud as I was when I saw them myself!!! Now I'm going to be on YOUR case about being on a DT ;) !!! Absolutely awesome - that's all I can say!! And OMG, that picture of your niece...ACK!! Caaaa-utie patootie in every way!!! Welcome home!! xo

  2. okay, this post is chock full of fun! check out all your fabulous projects....super fabulous!!!!!!! Your niece: a-dorable.

  3. These are sweet party favors, Carol! Of course they are eclipsed by the adorability that is your niece!!

  4. Wow you've been busy! This is such an adorable set of party favors! So much fun. :)

  5. Great favors, so fun! Cutie pie neice there too!
    Aside- my daughter's first face painting was supposed to be a butterfly but it looked like she had a pair of lungs on her face- lol! :)

  6. hmph. i wanna come to your party. those party favors look awesome! :) thanks for linking up to our party favor challenge and making our little tangles birthday bash such a hit!

  7. Glad to hear you're home & reunited with hubby, but I can empathize with missing your family. Oh what a glorious picture of your adorable niece! You really short change yourself as you are mightily talented--clearly shown with this darling project! I want to add N&T to my collection, too--can't wait to see what you make when your goodies arrive. You made my day, Carol, being so happy about my MFT win--even though it was a random draw, I was thrilled! It's always good when you like your card if it's shown on a blog--LOL!

  8. First things first - yay for being reunited with hubby! Boo for missing the rest of the family. Keep focusing on the happy thoughts, memories, etc.

    Secondly, please don't say that you are not as talented as others because you are!! You may still be learning and exploring (but that never stops) and your skills and talents are already very visible to those of us who have the pleasure of viewing all of your creations and sharing in your enthusiasm for...well, EVERYTHING!

    Your party favours are wonderful and your niece and nephew are going to love them! And your cute little purple bumble bee is such a delight!!

  9. Super party favours Carol - and I hopped here to peek at Little Miss Purple Bumble-Bee as you suggested. What a cutie - I'll have to let Kai see for another face painting idea!

    Hugs, Di xx