Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween Florals...Sweet Sunday Sketch #191 + Cas on Sunday #15: Floral Fantasy

Throughout the week, I've been having some 'brainiac' moments (hard to believe, but they creep up unexpectedly at times, to my delight!) about creating a special October calendar for my niece, to highlight fall, my brother's birthday (the big 4-0 this year!), Thanksgiving and, of course, Halloween.  My plan is to start designing bit by bit, next week, and I'll be sure to share phases and stages as I go along.  For now, think 'advent calendar' style...which also reminds me that I have TWO of those to make this year!  Excited!! Last year's was a hit with my little Miss Niece, so hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish the same with a secnd version for her, and a new one for Mr. Nephew.  If you're interested, I'd be delighted to share photos of the 'old' model I want to improve on...

Anyway, the Halloween sparks and spits of ideas sent me off to rummage in my collection, to see what I had before embarking on (yet another) shopping spree. Okay, who am I kidding - the spree will happen regardless!  To my delight, I found a few remnants of one of my favourite papers from last year:  EP Chillingsworth Manor.  Love that paper! I got carried away...uh huh, carried right away...with Halloween-themed tags, banners, all kinds of things, because a) Halloween stuff is so darn cute and b) I was, and still am, in wide-eyed wonder at how fun making 'little things' can be!  I had enough to make a card, went on a scouting mission and discovered two challenges that caught my interest: Sweet Sunday Sketch #191

and CAS On Sunday #15: Floral Fantasy.  Unfortunately - or maybe that should read 'fortunately' - I missed that challenge's deadline.  One thing's for certain:  my florals, as you'll see, are certainly 'fantasy'!!

Here it is, my quirky, 'very, very scary' Halloween Floral Fantasy, with NBUS:  three green sequins (the orange on the label is a sparkly embellie)! I've made a step!!

I need to find more Chillingsworth paper, ASAP!!  It's just..well, Halloween-y delightful...

Thank you for dropping by; your company and comments are always welcome!!


  1. the blooms and the sequins!

  2. Very fanciful! These are amazing roses, Carol, and I love, love and more love that green you've used! Awesome stitched edges too. Is that a Lil Inkers? And yes, please, to the calendar photos! Have a good weekend! Bev

  3. Those flowers are FABULOUS!!! And love that you put a spooky Halloween twist on them! And eek you got sequins!!! LOVE how you've scattered them to make the card sparkle even more!!! Oh and YES PLEASE share pics of the calendars!!! Can't wait to feast my eyes on those!!!

  4. Oh boy do I love these flowers! I'd love to make an advent calendar--always plan to & never get it done. I'll be waiting to see yours, my friend!

  5. lol I know what you mean - the shopping spree is pretty much a given with me. (I just *had* to have some of those new Paper Smooches today. haha). Those flowers = AMAZING! You always inspire! Good luck with the calendars and I am with Shannon - please share! :)