Friday, August 9, 2013

Merry Christmas (kind of quirky)....Merry Monday #69

Where is the time going??  I've been at my folks' place already 11 days, yet it seems I just arrived!  Blame placed squarely on the shoulders of my busy schedule, and trust me, it has been busy! By day, I'm my parents' daughter, doing what I can (and, of course, what I'm 'told' - I'm quite obedient, even though the occasional Yeesh! or Seriously? does sneak out! Must guard the inside voice better!) to help Mom and Pa with some much needed de-cluttering, as well as ferrying them to and fro to wherever they need to go. We've made significant strides in deciding where accumulated stuff, would be better 'loved' - be that at a re-use center, or eco-center, or recycle depot.  While I realize that "letting go" is challenging, it's nice to see some 'empty space' opening up (please, please - may it remain that way).

Once later afternoon/early evening rolls around, I transform into Aunty C (my niece asked me if I was Aunty C or Aunty Carol; when I tried to explain I was both, you should have seen the look on her face. Boggled her mind.  We're sticking with Aunty C!!) Woo hooooo! Precious time; precious moments; precious niece and nephew!  They are so adorable, and occasionally mischievous, and yes, fully exhausting, but...they're little for only "this long" and I want to enjoy this stage (and every one to come) as much as possible!  Hmmm...wondering exactly how I'm supposed to look forward to going  home next weekend?  Okay, not going to think about that right now!

In betwixt and between my day-time-night-time duties, I've managed to find some card-making opportunities, which is great! On the other hand: my apologies to special blog friends who I've been neglecting!  Comments and notes - oh, but I'm woefully behind!  I promise to be in touch soon!!

"Nuff chattering!  Back when I was prepping the mobile crafting unit for its journey, I pared down my stash to what were 'essentials', and in the paring, left behind nearly all my Christmas-themed products.  "Won't be needing it," I reckoned.  Wrong. Big wrong!  The reason: my recent discovery of Merry Monday, hostessed by the incredibly talented, creative Lesley Croghan (she's a Canadian, too!!).  This week's sketch completely caught my attention...and I *had* to play.  Wait, make that HAD to play!!

As I mentioned, most of my Christmas stamps/dies/papers are at home. except for one stamp set - a newcomer - that was part of a recent Paper Smooches order, arriving just before we left, that I brought along.  Inside: Christmas Sentiments.  A positive start...but I needed images.  Then I remembered my PS Calico set, and one of the flowers caught my eye.  Wreath.  So, my card 'happened'. Be warned: my paper isn't 'traditional' paper, but I think it works.  *Joy* is a compilation of letters taken the 'be jolly' and 'to' stamps; Merry Christmas (another embossing venture)...obvious.

Hope you like it, and I really hope that Kim from PS doesn't mind that I transformed 
one of her flowers into a wreath...

NOTE: I'm also adding this to Crafty Hazel's Anything Goes Christmas Challenge for August. Soooo much inspiration for the festive season!!

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day!


  1. You are a true pioneer woman, Carol, making do with the supplies at hand and coming up with this fantastic non-traditional and lovely Christmas card! I'm sure Kim from PS will be impressed at how you transformed her image into a wreath!!

  2. Beautiful card - love the citrus colours - thanks for linking for CHNC challenge extra for August - hope to see you again soon. x

  3. Um, not only do I think Kim won't mind, I think she will think you are brilliant (because you are!!). So festive, fun AND resourceful!!! And I think that you and embossing have made friends...very good friends! Because it looks awesome!! I'm so glad you got a little chance to make a card in between everything else you have going on Aunty C...or is it Aunty Carol?!! Oh yes, Aunty C it is!! ha ha!! But notes and comments can wait!!!!!!! You need to indulge in what's MOST important right now, and you're doing just that!! Comments and notes can wait!! Keep having fun because whoosh, the time is going by way too quickly!

  4. How clever to make wreaths out of the flowers you had on hand, Carol! Who could possibly mind when you come up with a card as delightful as this? Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Merry Monday!

  5. Necessity is the mother of invention & boy did you show how true that old saying is! I love your Christmas card, Carol! That sketch caught my eye, too, but haven't gotten a card made. So happy you're having this wonderful time with your family.

  6. I love your non-traditional take on your Christmas card...very cute & trendy! Thanks for playing with the MM sketch this week!

  7. Lovely non traditional Christmas card. Thanks for joining us at Merry Monday this week.

  8. Such a happy card, Carol! Love the non-traditional color scheme!

  9. Very nice card, these colours are wonderful. Thank you for joining us for Merry Monday.