Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Camp Days 4 and 5...Anniversary "Test Run" and a "Go"

It's travel-to-Bend eve; we've spent a total of of nearly 20 hours at the bike races over the weekend (I'm rather cross-eyed at the moment); I've whittled my 'accomplish before leaving' list down somewhat, and I can no longer resist posting my homework, so here I am...Quick post, likely point-form, and then, back to the tasks at hand...

Day 4 of Summer Camp was 10-Minute Challenge, and we were served a series of delightful cards, created by amazing designers: Kristina W, Jennifer M (our lead instructors), along with Jennifer Rzasa, Teri Anderson and Marion Vagg.  For reasons unclear, I chose to 'imitate' Jennifer R's birthday card, with a Happy 25th Anniversary card for my sister and her husband.  Twenty-five years together is awesome!  And the coolest part, is that I - yes, I - introduced them oh so many years ago.  One of my wiser decisions, as they are quite the 'perfectly matched' twosome, still very-much shining with the blush of true, deep love.

Jennifer's card featured white-on-white die-cut 'nestled' letters, xstamped arrows from this Hero Arts/Studio Calico set, a die cut arrow and, of course, birthday sentiments.  Her card - lovely to the nth degree - took her just a snippet over 10 minutes. Me: well, epic fail, because mine was easily 10 X 10 minutes, with results far, far less stellar.  Since I knew this would be more about 'learning and trying' rather than 'creating and sending' - on account of I don't have arrow stamps/dies (hello...what was I thinking!) or the same letter set as she does, I confess to creating only a front panel rather than a full card.  Given the outcome, I'm glad I did!  Let's just call this an 'epic experiment' where I did my best to improvise: stamped arrows replaced with die-cut hearts; nestled die-cut letters - done, but yeeshh, what a task that was - and a die cut 25 as an alternative to her die cut arrow.   I'm glad I took the challenge, however, I can say that once was enough - at least until that stamp set and a "happy" word die join my collection...

Here it is: my test run...

Sighh...on the plus side, though, I still have four more other samples to give a whirl...

On Friday several more colour combos were added, as were another batch of gorgeous cards. Kristina's embossed window and embossed acetate card, with an inside booklet piqued my interest.  Her "Thank You" with flowers, because my Happy 25th  Anniversary.  I used my Scor-pal to create the diagonal lines, as I didn't have the embossing folder she used, I used polka-dots on the window and speaking of embossing: the sentiment is! Score!  Other than a soft pink, I used 4 of the 5 colours. Score 2!  And even if the sentiment may be a wee bit swanky for the number and hearts die-cuts, I rather like the look.  It reminds me of my sister and brother-in-law: they're kind of upscale, but down-to-earth and fun at the same time...
Here it is, and it's in an envelope, ready to travel north...

Hope they like it - and my wish for them:  another 25 years+ of joy, laughter, life and love!!

Thanks so much for dropping by!  Your comments make my day!


  1. Two more absolutely awesome, swoon-worthy works of art! Oh my I wish you could see how creative you are! Using the hearts as arrows - a perfect improvisation! And by using them, you put your own sweet twist on the card and made it your very own. The second card has got flair! Classy and elegant, fun and sweet! Way to go match-maker! Not a lot of matches even make it past the first date, nevermind 25 years! So impressive and so romantic!!!

  2. You are amazing - all that you have on your plate and you still managed to fit in your homework! Well done, C! Have a great trip.

    I am so impressed that you tried the 10 minute challenge, even if you didn't make it. I didn't even attempt it. I've never ever, ever, made a card in ten minutes (even with everything pre-prepared). I think your first card is fresh and fun and funky - a really happy card. The second is oh so elegant. The colours are just gorgeous too. I wish I could create like you do.

    Congratulations to your sister and her husband and I wish them many more happy years together!

    Happy travelling. :)

  3. Wow girl, you have a whole lot more energy and dedication to your classes that I can ever imagine having! I admire your energy level!

    Don't sell yourself short Carol! These two cards are creative masterpieces. The fact that you improvised so efficiently with what you had on hand and created these two beauties is reason enough to do a happy dance around your condo! Resourcefulness is so rewarding!

    You managed to create two distinctly different cards with the same message! One is whimsical and bright, the other is elegant and subdued. Capturing the personalities of the recipients in the cards that you make can be tough, but you nailed it here!

    And you managed to get your homework done on time! A+++++ again!

  4. Oooops! Forgot to tell you to have a safe, happy & fun trip!

  5. One of the joys of cardmaking is making use of what you have to create something truly unique and truly you ... even when it's CASEd from someone else ... and you've done that brilliantly here, Carol ... with both cards! Your creativity in introducing new elements that work so perfectly is awesome ... another homework masterpiece! Have a fantastic trip! Anita :)

  6. I seem to be behind sorry. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your cards, and how, while quite different from each other, the Carolness is in both. They are fun and lovely. It's always fun to read your posts as well! Sure hope you're having a great trip in Bend. Can't wait to see what else you create! Bev

  7. Wow, Carol--you're so hard on yourself! I think your experiment is great & deserves to be made into a card. However, the soft beautiful colors of the card for your sister & BIL really stole my heart! They will love it, I'm sure! Hope you're having a great time in Bend & if you get bored just head West & find me!