Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Camp Day 2: "Flap" top...sort of...

A day of distractions: that's my description of yesterday.  From spending time at work (still have left-overs to wrap-up before announcing I'm 'officially' on holidays), to grocery-shopping, to chores, to de-cluttering a bedroom in preparation for its new bed, due to arrive this morning, to phone calls to...well, you get the drift.  I did, however, thoroughly, completely, totally enjoy yesterdays Summer Camp lessons, featuring stamping techniques.  Indeed, my enthusiasm for testing out some of the ideas was so high that I *almost* delved into some of the 'stamp-staining' inks (okay, okay...colour-kissing inks) to create a card.  Almost.  Again, I got caught up with the cards featured, and because I didn't have a big stamp to practice masking/using different coloured inks, or gelatos for watercolouring, nothing 'alternative' popped into my creativity bin.  I have ideas sparking today, so we'll see where they lead.

Even so, I did make a card, following the first sketch of our three choices.  Jennifer's card features a large banner - background stamped on the diagonal, and sporting a die-cut "hello" - as the focal point, adhered only at the top, so a note/sentiments can be placed underneath.  Not only is the card fetchingly cute, but she showed us how to reinforce 'delicate' die cuts to give them both dimension and 'substance'.

My card - simple+++ - still involved 'more-than-you-could-possibly-believe'time (partially due to the afore-mentioned distractions, along with plenty of some gallery gazing, dabbling a bit with masking on practice paper, and so on...oh yes, and cookie baking + eating...).   I followed Jennifer's lead with a 'flap' front, choosing to use my PS notebook die (extended, as shown by Savannah here), scored at the top to allow a 'flip up,' and thanks die, reinforced with several layers of white die cut card-stock adhered under the blue.

I rather like the concept of this sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 card-stock, with a lift-up banner/tag used as the front, means I could make four cards in this style.  Hmmmm.  Thrifty is a good thing...

I considered adding some embellishments to the Thanks panel, but with the polka-dots, it would be too busy.  Next time...For now, off to try some of those stamping techniques.

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments add sparkle to my day!


  1. You've mastered the reinforced die first time around! Nice work!! That one looked tricky to me - the delicate gluing and trying to stack them evenly with the original die - I would have made a mess! Yours looks perfect and flawless!

  2. Sorry I've missed a few of your posts, Carol, but I'm all caught up now and I think you are doing a fantastic job with your class homework! I signed up, too, but I have that sort of mind where I have to do things in order, which means I have to catch up with my Inked classwork first, which I'm days behind ... as near as I can figure I'll be doing the Summer Camp homework around September, LOL! Oh well, that's the cool thing about online courses, they never go away. The other cool things is that I have so many friends who are taking the class and who have homework posted to inspire me when I do get to it! So TFS and enjoy the rest of class!!

  3. Hello stranger! I'm almost at the 'caught up' stage with the flooded basement & yard work and decided enough was enough...I was missing my blog travels far too much to spend another minute on chores! Took a quick peak at everything I missed! Beautiful creations Carol!

    This card is no exception. Stunning combo of patterned papers (there's that natural knack shining through) and perfectly clean & simple. Sweet way to say thank you!

  4. Sweet combination of dp's, Carol ... the techique of stacking the die cut 'thanks' is fabulous, and perfectly executed! Interspersing practice time with cookie eating sounds yummy! Anita :)

  5. Dear Carol;

    Thanks for your kind comments about my first card for card camp. That really made my day. Have fun with class and I'll see you around the galleries!


  6. oh, you're taking the camp! I wanted to sign up but then didn't want to be bound to it for 3 wee:( RATS, I should have! Anyways, to answer your question about the Clearly Besotted Stamps, this is a list of my favs and ones that are multi purpose. A Little Sentimental, Home sweet Home, Basic Banners, Butterfly Wishes, Fancy Feathers, It's Your Birthday, Make a Wish, Many Thanks and Spring Blooms. I find that my stamps get to me within 1-2 weeks, a bit faster than from the States as they don't get rerouted and then stuck in Customs. I hope that helps! Let me know what you order and tell Stephanie I sent you! LOL Enjoy!