Sunday, July 28, 2013

Merry Christmas In July...X 3

Synchronicity:  I’m probably not using this word correctly, however, aside from liking how it sounds, and what I *think* it means, two events occurred this week that lead me to create the cards I’m sharing and the post I’m writing.  First event: the ever-talented, ever-engaging, ever-inspiring, best-posts-ever (guaranteed 1,000% to brighten your day!) Darnell’s news that she was featured as a Merry Monday Guest Designer.  I’ll wait while you ooh and ahhh (in awe) at her lovely…).  Okay, you’re back, inspired I know…

Second event: as I’ve shared in recent posts, one or two (or eleven) new items happened to find room in my “mobile crafting unit” and what could I do, but bring them home.  New stuff merging with old stuff means time dedicated to re-organizing (yes, I do store paper pads/stamps alphabetically, by company/stamp titles.  Yes that is weird), sorting, shuffling and…in the midst of this effort, I happened upon the basket that houses my Christmas products.  Not having seen those in a while, I decided best to take inventory, especially since the desire to buy more Christmas stuff is increasing exponentially, daily. 

Paper-clipped together, in three tidy bundles (quite unlike me, so I admit to being pleasantly surprised at my neatness!), were the ‘makings’ for three Christmas cards that apparently didn’t make it to ‘the cut’ for last year.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my dad writes poems – and last year, he wrote three for Christmas:  one Santa themed, one reindeer themed and one snowman themed – and I was ‘invited’ to make the accompanying cards.  The poems + cards were meant for my family and my sister-in-law’s folks – Santa cards for the women; reindeer for the men, and snowmen for New Years.   Of course, I was delighted to be part of the “Pa and Carol” construction, and took my tasks quite to heart, even though I was even more a card-making novice than I am now.  I found a wee Santa stamp, a reindeer stamp, a snowman stamp, a couple pads of patterned paper and…went to town!!  Grand total of cards = 6 X Santa, 6 X Reindeer, 6 X Snowman…except I only needed 5 of each.  Mathematician I am not! 

Anyway, here’s where the synchronicity fits: Darnell’s Merry Monday post + my find of the ‘extra’ Christmas card fixin’s = with my heart aglow with the memories of Christmas past, I put together a set of what I remembered from my previous ones (d-uh…no photos taken, as this was well before my blogging days!).  Each card in each series was ‘kind of’ the same, kind of’ different" – background papers, colouring, and so forth.  Overall, everyone liked their poem+art combos, and every 'couple’ in my family went home with one of each card (including Andy and I...yes, I had to make cards for us, and we had to 'pretend' to be surprised when we opened them.  My dad's funny!)

So….here are my entries to Merry Monday (and some cards that I might ‘case’ later this year…maybe). Bear in mind: novice+++ skill at work here; nothing spectacular, but I hope you think they’re a little bit cute:

What wonderful hours I spent last November making these, and stepping into that 'zone' yesterday was just as delightful. I wonder what Pa will have in mind for this year...hmmm, maybe I'll *have* to shop after all!!
Happy Merry Christmas in July!

Thanks for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments brighten my day!

ETA:  I received a most warm comment from Hazel, over at craftyhazelnut's christmas, inviting me to share my cards at her "anything goes challenge, as long as it's Christmas" for July.  Consider the invitation gratefully accepted.  Oh yes, and while you're here - click on her link: she has some FABULOUS Christmas cards on her site.  Inspiration?  Yes, Yes and YES!!  Thanks Hazel!!


  1. Love that you & your dad go together to create cards. These are indeed cute--great use of the patterned paper & stamps!

  2. Oh Carol!!! Each one is sprinkled with so much love and Christmas magic! What a special gift for you and your Pa to co-create, and what a special gift for the rest of your family to receive! Simply magical! And oh those stamps!! THOSE STAMPS!! SO adorable!!! Love the cards, LOVE the inspiration and love behind them!!!!!!!

  3. They are a LOT cute and just full of Christmas sparkle and charm. Mostly I have to tell you that I bow to your organization skills. Alphabetically...really?? You put me to shame and I thought I was truly obsessive about organization. I like getting un-organized just so I can re-organize!!

  4. Thank you for the sweet shout out, Carol! I love Serena Dipity and she certainly paid you a visit! Your cards are wonderful! I can't wait to hear what you and your Dad come up with this year. You are so blessed to share this special bond with him!!

  5. I saw your lovely Christmas cards on Always playing with paper Merry Monday - you might also like to enter these into my CHNC challenge extra for July - I'd love to see it there too. x

  6. Great to see you joining in CHNC challenge extra for July - look forward to seeing more of your Christmas crafting in the future. Thanking you for your lovely comments. x

  7. Love all three cards, Carol! You have such wonderful ideas! Seeing these cards makes me think I really should start thinking about what I am going to leave to the last minute to create this Christmas. lol I love how your organise too. Want to come over and sort me out?

  8. Your cards are all so fabulous! Thanks for joining us at Merry Monday!