Monday, July 8, 2013

Excited for Summer School!!!

We're just back from a most FANTASTIC weekend spent with my family!  From time with my folks, to plenty of hugs and giggles with my niece and nephew, to seeing my sister and brother-in-law's newly renovated house (yes, yes...I am wearing a light shade of 'green envy') Friday and Saturday were days of pure delight!  Our drive home - we left early Sunday morning - involved a side-trip for my husband to compete in his first cycling race of the season - our province's Masters' Championship and I ended up being an official (not following his group though, so I didn't actually 'see' him race).  His result:  silver medal!!  Pretty good outcome as a 'warm-up' to his much 'bigger' competition in Oregon next week!  Excited!!

Today, is the first day of Online Card Class Summer Camp #2, where I'll be a student, thanks to a most wonderful 'surprise' gift from a most amazing, generous, thoughtful friend, Shannon, who surprised, shocked, thrilled delighted and honoured me with a gift for the course.  I don't know what I did "right" to earn such a spectacular individual as a friend, but WOW - whatever I did, I consider myself incredibly blessed!! Shannon is a treasure; a most unique special gem! Thank you, dear Shannon, for thinking of me - and I'm ecstatic to be your classmate (and yes, I promise to do my homework!!!).

(The noise you hear in the background is a thunderstorm unleashing itself. Enough with the rain, please!).
Last week, I created two cards for the Pre-Class challenges, where we were invited to use colours for one, and a sketch for the second.  I deviated a bit, choosing to go with the sketch and try my hand at colouring (though not using those for the first pre-class challenge, as my Copic marker choices are pretty limited.  Learning to colour is one of my goals this summer (over and above what Summer School teaches us).  Of course, I was too late with my entries, because I debated too long about sharing, however...

Imagine my delight when, before heading to work today, I managed a quick glance at Day 1's lessons and discovered that the 'random' colours I used were choices required for this week's cards, along with the pre-class sketch.  Soooo...first launch into class with what I thought was "late" homework, but it kinda-sorta isn't.

Although my colouring needs work, all was going reasonably well and then I made an ink smudge. Can you see it there at the top (of course you can!). Grrrr....

Here's my other one.  Same sketch, but a couple of very different cards.  Kind of cool how that worked out.

And just because, here's the card I made for last week's retrosketches challenge that I missed entering...

Off to work, then rushing home see what Kristina and Jennifer have in store for us with their samples, videos, tips, supply lists.  Excited?? Only  totally! And again, Shannon, you are the BEST!!!  Hopefully, I'll be back later with today's assignment(s)....

Thanks for dropping by; please let me know you did.  Your comments add sparkle to my day!


  1. You call it "late" homework, I call it "early" coursework. I love your cards, particularly the second since I have a thing for coloured floral images. If I may make a suggestion, that so-called "ink smudge" is an intentional suggestion of the movement of that balloon...

  2. Carol - are you just coming out of the closet as an expert copic colour-er?!! Ah-mazing job! Especially the shading on the flowers - gah!! Ink smudge - guess what, until you pointed it out, I didn't even see it! Seriously! I think Tracey Jean has a good point - call it balloon movement! Or if you really hate it, use my trick - cover it up with hearts!! Beautiful cards!!!
    So happy that you had such a happy weekend! And HUGE congrats to your silver medalist - WOW, what an accomplishment!!! And you know this already, but I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to give you that little gift! Just a teeny weeny gesture to let you know how treasured YOU are!! I'm heading over to class right now!!

  3. These cards are beautiful!! I love all of them. As a person who tends to "smudge" quite a bit, here is a suggestion-cover up the smudge with a sequin and put a few more on the card to make it festive or use rhinestones in the same way. It does wonders to mistakes and no one will ever know you didn't intend to put them on in the first place!!

  4. Colouring, tick ... shading, tick ... you're definitely over that discombobulation after your brilliant weekend, Carol (and congratulations to your DH ... Tour de France next year perhaps?). These are wonderful cards ... such fun and happy moments of delight! Have a fantastic card class ... looking forward to seeing all your homework! Anita :)

  5. When you get a squeency-eencie, teeny-tiny ink blotch on your card, add a bling, or five! Works every time. Great cards, and love those colors. You've really got it going on with your the class will just be extra credit for you! Glad you had a nice time with your family and congrats to DH on the silver. Love your cards, my friend! Bev

  6. Congratulations to your hubby on his Silver medal. How exciting. Glad to hear you had sucha fun trip away. My goodness, what a generous gift! I'm taking the class too. I'm such a sucker for the videos. Love seeing how others create. I don't usually play along but you've inspired me. Your cards are all beautiful and I think you are being too hard on yourself with your colouring!! Can't wait to see more of what you create. :)

  7. Cute cards. Maybe you could mask off the balloon and stamp another one behind it, hiding your "mistake". Worth a try.