Sunday, June 4, 2017

You are Incredible (Ballerina Piggy)...Muse Challenge #218


I'm running in - nearly last minute mainly because our internet has been naughty of late - to play along in Ardyth's birthday celebration for this week's Muse Challenge #218.  The deal: to choose a *muse* from any one (or, in my case, a couple) of Ardyth's awesome gallery of WOW! With an offer like that, it's little wonder that the gallery is full to brimming.

A couple weeks back, a charming, beautiful piece of happy mail arrived from our sweet, talented Ardyth, that included a most heart-warming card for me and a WHOLE bunch of Sugarpea Designs' Everyday is Christmas "ladies dancing' (ballerina piggies) and 'lords a'leaping' (hat-doffing frogs) she stamped and die cut for my niece and nephew to colour!  Talk about a surprise when a plethora of wee dancers and hoppers tumbled into my lap when I opened the envelope! Unexpected and beyond delightful!

Soooo...I decided that I would 'borrow' one of those darling tutu-and ballet-shoes-sporting piggies and create a card an Ardyth-esque card for my niece.

Inspiration from our birthday girl came from this card....for the ballerina and the sentiment - this one for the pastel colours (our Ardyth does love her pastels!) and this (along with many others) for the stripes (she creates *the* most stylish stripes!).  And, in homage to her signature square cards, I followed suit....

I think we all agree: Ardyth is incredible!  Thank you ever so much for the sweet images - and in keeping with having my niece colour the ballerinas, I'm providing that opportunity for her to do just that!  As I mentioned in my previous post, the kids - especially Ms. T - like to add their special touches to the cards I create for them. Aunty c is always happily willing to oblige.  They always find something to 'add' that I hadn't thought of, and the results are a fun fusion of their creativity and mine. I'm betting Ms. Niece will have this little dancer sporting a rainbow tutu in no time!

Thank for you for this fabulous MUSE challenge, Ardyth! Hope your birthday week was fantastic and that all the 'spoiling and pampering' you were showered with spills into the year about to unfold!

Thank you for dropping by; your visit is both welcomed and deeply appreciated!


  1. Oh how fun that the kiddos color the cards you give them! A rainbow tutu sounds marvelous! Super sweet card, Carol!

  2. My goodness - I'm blushing after reading all of this! Thank you so much for joining the Muse party Carol, I love your sweet little card and I'm sure your niece will as well!

  3. There's nothing like a Ballerina Piggy as the star of the show, and you have definitely done that here, Carol! Your striped background is fabulous and I love how she pops on your sunburst! Great idea to let Ms T. color her in when she arrives, too...I'm sure she's going to love it!!!

  4. That little dancing pig is just so elegant, Carol (don't think I've ever said that about a pig before!) ... gorgeous in the sunshine with the backdrop of those delicious pastel stripes! Miss T will love it ... and will love adding her own touch of colour to it too! Hugs to you, my friend! Anita :)

  5. Too darn cute Miss your sweet dancing pig, just as sweet as can be!

  6. Ohhhh, this ballerina piggy is beyond adorable! I agree, Ardyth is incredible and I wish I would have had time to CASE one of her awesome cards! I like that you were inspired by several of hers and created a fusion of them!

  7. The background stripes are incredible, Carol, and that ballerina doing her grand jete' is just darling.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a cute card Carol!!! I love the piggy ballerina-it just doesn't get any cuter than this! Hugs, Brenda