Friday, June 9, 2017

Smitten with Cross-Stitched Succulents...Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge~Succulents


Oh my gosh! I've just played with my new Waffle Flower Stitched Succulents and they are the cutest little cacti EVER!  Look at those sweet images...and they even have a choice of three smiley faces you can add! GAH!

I'm bringing one over to Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge~Succulents.

This one is the second one I made and I tried to capture most of the colours from the inspiration photo. His cross-stitches are 'slightly' more lined up than the first card I made (please, don't do a close-up to verify this...yikes!)...

as you can see here!  Aren't they darling? I want to pinch their prickly little cheeks!  The images are a bit fiddly, but I don't mind that at all. I learned a few trick watching a video and, with practice, hope to improve and speed up.

Speaking of cross-stitch...this was one of my obsessions from years back. I have a number of completed pieces - mainly Noah's Ark images, as I was all over collecting Noah's Ark things back in the day - but card-making has seen few projects set aside for a very long time!  Recently, after listening to one of Suzy Moore's podcasts (she of So Suzy Stamps - and her podcasts are wonderfully entertaining and enlightening) about how to rekindle creativity (truth be told, my card-making mojo is running close to empty....), I decided to pick up one of my unfinished projects.  I started this back when my nephew was born...and he's already five! Yikes! Anyway, I've been trying to do some stitching here, stitching there...

The project 'should' look like this when I'm done: Noah's Ark Cross Stitch. As you can see, I have a long way to go!

AND I have another project that I picked up a couple weeks back in a nearby stitching shop that I'm soooo stoked to start! Check this out.....

See:  I have allllll the threads - including some glow-in-the-dark ones that I've never used before - as well as a new way to hold the Aida cloth: a Q-Snap.  Apparently it's an advancement over the plastic/wood hoops. Who knew?

Anyway...I'm loving my cross-stitched stamp images (another set in my NBUS pile, too) and loving my cross-stitching.  Hopefully, my creativity will be sparked...or at least, the birth sampler for my nephew and the Halloween banner completed *grin*

Just to be clear: I'm still totally passionate about card-making...just need to travel different directions once in a while.

Thank you so much for dropping by; your visit brings me joy!


  1. Carol!!! Had to comment. I'm still in CA, but hoping to be able to head home to CO next week. (fingers crossed) The hard physical work is over and I have some time to read blogs. I have to say I am SO excited for you! I adore that Noah's Ark picture as well as the Halloween one. I want that one!! Trying a different craft is always fun! Enjoy! And be sure to share your progress. :) Hugs!

  2. Oh and that cactus cross stitch card is very fun!! :)

  3. Your cactus card is adorable, Carol! I used to crosstitch back in the day-- before quilting, scrapbooking and card making, in the late nineties. I used to like doing it in front of the TV, but now, not so much, as evidenced by the pillow I started embroidering for Sage over a year ago that's not done yet...

  4. I totally understand the need for another artistic outlet besides card making, Carol. That's why I quilt. It's still working with 'bits and pieces' just on a larger scale. Now you've found a cute stamp that speaks to your love of crosstitch. I gave up that fine work a long time ago but I'm glad you're going back to it to finish the ark.

  5. LOve these little cross-stitched darlings - you are a stickler for cute! [grin] Your description of these darling goodies for your nephew didn't do them justice - get that boat afloat, girl!!! You've got goblins to stitch!!!

  6. We are so cut from the same 'Aida' cloth! I loved cross stitching....when I could actually see what I was doing! Found it so relaxing! Likely would stitch my finger to the cloth now though!

    Fabulous images. Love how you changed up the colors and love the 'shading'....just like for real stitching!!!

  7. Such a cute cactus. Thanks for joining us at The Curtain call :)