Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tic-Tac-Toe X 2...Verve September Diva Dare: Tic-Tac-Toe

Oh my, I'm quite nervous about entering the Verve Tic-Tac-Toe September Diva Dare; indeed, I think this qualifies as #inwayovermyhead!  The Divas are so absolutely amazing with their creativity, that I come away from gazing at their creations in awe, realizing that it will take at least 10,000 cards' worth of practice to come anywhere near what this talented group creates. This time, after a whole lot of pondering, musing, wondering and all-around "I so want to try this" as a lead-up, I took a little leap out of my 'comfortable' nest to try something very new, very challenging, and very very fun!! Besides, the "dare" to  "create... a card or project using inspiration from a tic-tac-toe board.  For example:  x’s and o’s, hugs & kisses, squares, circles, grids, you get the idea" was one I just didn't want to miss.  Invitation accepted.    

Of course, I was 'cautious' in my venture, which translates to: small landscapes once again.  My cards are 4 x 4 - just the right-sized canvas for playing with new sketches and especially, new Verve products!!

For my first card, I used the sketch from Viva La Verve September Week 1:

If you look really closely, you can see 'acorn' grids on the background paper, "x" shapes in the plaid, and circles on the doily.  Hopefully, these subtle features fit the 'tic-tac-toe' theme. Verve products include the sentiment (isn't it fabulous!), the heart and the little flags.

My second card, following the Viva la Verve Week 2 Sketch
wound up being quite a departure from my 'usual' creations.  No rhyme or reason, except that my Studio Calico papers wanted attention:

Grids, circles, squares + Verve sentiment and heart.  The card is much more eye-catching in real life;  I haven't captured the dimension - the entire polka-dot panel is popped up - very well at all.  Grrr...

Here they are together:

Whew...I'm glad to have taken this 'big' step...and especially glad to have given my Verve some love!

Your visit adds sparkle to my day; thank you so much for dropping by!!  


  1. Dear friend, your 4x4 creations rock...so why worry about changing things up? Don't 'cha know that you just don't fix something that ain't broke....and your creativity sure as heck ain't broke!!!

    Once again, I find myself in absolute awe of your uncanny ability to ALWAYS, ALWAYS rock the composition - both in DP and sweet details! Beautiful cards - so well designed and so well executed. The Divas WILL need to wear bibs when they feast their eyes upon your creations....because I can guarantee you that they will be drooling profusely!

  2. Both of your cards are awesome!! You did a GREAT job on that Challenge!! I love the papers...the design...awesome!!

  3. Carol, Carol, Carol! I am going to have to get all serious with you - you are talented and creative and never in over your head when you enter these challenges. They might be slightly out of your perceived comfort zone but it is a perception only! Both cards are fantastic!! Go you!

  4. You rocked the challenge...awesome cards!

  5. Two fabulous cards. Great sentiment on the first card and love the big polka dots and heart on the second. Thanks for joining us for this month's Diva Dare.

    1. Oh. my. goodness, Carol ... you've showcased that fabulous sentiment so beautifully on your first card ... your second is so gorgeously subtle ... so that was definitely worth all the pondering, musing and wondering! Here's another quote you might like ... 'sometimes you just have to take the leap and grow your wings on the way down' ... good eh? Anita :),

  6. These are both very lovely, you rocked the sketches girl!

    Thanks for always answering my questions BTW! :)

  7. Beautiful, Carol, no need to be nervous about it! Your cards are as well done as the best of them!! I just noticed when I came in through your profile page, that it says you've been blogging since 2008! Did you originally start a different blog way back then? Anyway, well done - perfect makes for the challenges! Hugs, Darnell

  8. These are just wonderful, Carol! I really do need to add Verve to my collection. That quote is fabulous & I love your creative tic-tac-toe cards! I'm happy to be home, too--thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. You doubt yourself but I know that I would never have come up with an acorn grid paper for tic-tac-toe. My less-than-creative self would likely have plopped some X's and O's on a paper and called it good!! I love your subtle papers and layers on each card!

  10. These are so beautiful Carol!! Love both of them! I think they totally qualify for tictactoe!

  11. Tic-Tac-WHOA is all I can say!!! #You Rock!!! So not in over your head!!! All those designers that you oooh and aahh over - guess what - you are one of them!!! Your creativity, your talent, and your amazing cards all put you at the very top! These cards are perfect examples. Not only are they gorgeous, they are so beautifully designed, with all the right touches. Absolutely fabulous - just like YOU!!