Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Naturally, She's Gorgeous" - Welcome Baby...Happy Dance, Wanna Sketch #9, Online Insider Class

Last week, our thoughtful, heart-as-big-as Everest,  wonderful Bev welcomed her 19th grandchild into her life: a little girl, Avery Mae.   She is, as Bev noted, absolutely gorgeous, and I’ll wait while you go see for yourself….See, I told you so!

In honour of Miss Avery, I decided to try my hand at a baby card.  I think I made a couple baby cards back in my *early* crafting days (uh, yeah…that would be about 11 3/4 months ago….), relying on journaling cards cut from 12 X 12 sheets (I hadn’t fully realized the full spectrum of card-making goodies – and amazing people -  yet…), so this recent endeavour sees me a bit nervous.  Once I had my *baby girl* theme decided, the next step was finding a sketch:  Lisa Arana’s Wanna Sketch #9 fit the bill.  

Of course, I had to ‘twist and turn’ it a bit to use some of my NUBS – a mini file folder die (MCT) and baby die (SSS) – in place of a tag, as well as create an “inside” that I think is kind of cute. 

Welcome, sweet baby; Welcome Sweet Avery Mae…

The "inside' that has me all giddy is the wee file folder that can be dual-purposed:  use it like a file folder, flip it open and write a wee note inside. Alternatively, glue up the side, and you have a cute envelope to slide in a gift card or a note (maybe with baby's birth details, or the meaning of her/his name...).

Hope you like this, Grandma Bev, and hope Avery does too!  What a wonderful family she's been born into and  with your influence and encouragement, she's sure to be a creative young lass! 

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit adds sparkle to my day!


  1. Awww babies, always a fun inspiration. How adorbs is Avery??? What a super sweet little baby card to welcome her to the world. LOVE that darling little folder. Thank you so much for being inspired by wanna sketch!

  2. My goodness, this is just a darling card and that file folder - yep, fantastic. Bev is going to just love this!! You are such a sweet friend! :)

  3. Cute, cute! Perfect congrats for grandma Bev!

  4. What a sweet card for little Avery and grandma, Carol ... that wee multi purpose file folder is simply adorable, especially in that yummy DP! Anita :)

  5. What the heck? Another sweet creation that I almost missed had I not scrolled down the page just a click or two. I ditto every remark I made on the most recet card - pure baby girl sweetness in the colors on one Carol! That image is just too cute for words!!!

  6. Did you say 19 grandchildren?!!! Holey Moley!!!!!!! And I bet in all of those births, this is by far the sweetest, most adorable little baby card she's every received!!!