Sunday, September 29, 2013

Simple Butterfly Thanks...Paper Smooches SPARKS: Picture Perfect, Online Insider Class

Quick post today to share my card for this week's Paper Smooches SPARKS: Picture Perfect Challenge:

The soft pink butterflies fluttering to freedom...lovely.  I tried to capture the softness and airiness of this photo  in my simple card, as well as practice the 'carry the outside of your card to the inside' technique shared in the Online Insider Class.  Paper Smooches butterfly, die and sentiments and, of all wonderful things to discover in my stash - a stunning piece of paper I bought on sale during the summer called - are you ready - Papillion (by Prima, I think).  A solitary sheet: .if only I'd realized at the time how truly gorgeous it is...

Here's the outside of my card, with a strip of the paper peeking from the card front (1/2 " cut off)

Here is is straight on - looks a bit wonky because I had to gently glue the front down so it would stay closed. Not a fabulous photo op, but we tried...

The inside looks like this:

Paper Smooches People: do not read beyond this point, as the next bit is my *embarrassment* section :-)
Actually, the card above was my second take, so just for amusement's sake, here's my BLOOPER card.  All was going reasonably well with the front...until I moved to designing (or rather 'un' designing) the inside! The Insider teachers reminded us several times over that when we use openings on the front, it's important to pay attention to where you place your inside sentiment to avoid random, haphazard stamping. Yes, I heard this several times, but apparently it didn't stick because if you look closely (please don't, just take my word for it!), you'll see brown squiggles in the upper and lower wings of my negative butterfly space.  Why?  Because I did not *hanging head in embarrassment* 'measure twice, stamp once."  Nope...placed my sentiment too low, and then in an attempt to make the markings look deliberate ("oh yes, I fully intended to create that design..." NOT!), I added yet another 'mis'placed image. 

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit adds sparkle to my day!


  1. Carol, sweet girl, this is an amazing card! Love the butterflies and that paper is really beautiful, isn't it! I spot a winner - and I hope the PS crew do too. :) I think it is wonderful that you shared your "oops" moment too. I tend to do that on my blog too because I think it helps all of us who read your blog understand that we all mess up from time to time and that it is OKAY if we do, and it gives us a hint about what to look for, etc, should we undertake a similar technique. It's a teaching moment. ;) Anyway, back to the card, can I just say again that I really love it! Bravo!

  2. First your card, Carol ... so feminine and gentle ... les couleurs et les papillons sont merveilleux (I had to put that in view of the name of the paper!). The carrying-your-outside-to-the-inside technique, you've done so brilliantly ... it looks fabulous! Second, thanks for sharing your 'faux pas' ... it wouldn't have been fun at the time, but you made it fun in your post, and it shows we're all the same ... sometimes a card doesn't go the way we'd like but we can still chuckle about it and enjoy the moment anyway! Wonderful outlook my friend! Anita :)

  3. All the Paper Smooches stamps that I have and I don't have the butterfly!! I love the way you have used it here - just perfect for the inspiration photo. A cute butterfly and a totally elegant card!

  4. I probably should take this class, Carol! I never ever ever EVER decorate the inside of my cards! LOL!

    I LOVE both of your creations- even the one with the inside peeking through the die cut image! I LOVE it! It gives you a bit of a peek of what's coming!!!!!!! I love that paper-- what a fab card x2 (since you have 2) x1000000000:) You are so fabulous, Carol! LOVE visiting here:)

    THANKS for joining in the fun with the Paper Smooches SPARKS Picture Perfect challenge <3 Hope you will link up your creations this week (it's ANYTHING GOES!!!)!!!

  5. I have SO missed reading your posts, Carol!! I just love them so much! Humour, humility, entertainment, warmth and so much more!! I am still giggling about the "blooper"!! Don't worry - we ALL make them!!! But what a beautiful card (even the blooper one!!). That pappillon paper is to die for and your design is out of this world! You've captured the movement of the butterflies from the outside to the inside expertly! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!