Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Flying Critters" (X 4)...4 Crafty Chicks Challenge {Critters} #143 and My Creative Time Designer Challenge (Critters)

Confession: I love 'little cards," which likely doesn't come as too much of a surprise, given the few several times I've created them for various challenges (amongst other things...that's a whole 'nuther story).  Indeed, at two points last year - Halloween and Christmas - I was so obsessed with immersed in working with small canvases, that when time came to return to 'real' card making, I was paralyzed.  All that space seemed so, so, so vast (I know - 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 is hardly ginormous), like shifting from paper the size of a postage-stamp to a wall mural, waiting to be adorned with something, or in my case, some things. Lots of somethings...  The temptation to create itty bittys only was one difficult to resist, yet I managed, regaining my ability to work with those oh-so-huge A2 sized cards.  I was nearly on the brink of declaring small cards a no-go zone.  Nearly.  Because, as we know, sometimes challenges come up that call for mini-me cards, and when that happens...I heed the call.  Have to - it's in my genes! 

So, here's the big question: guess what I made today! Hint: think little; think 3 X 3.. Ready?

My inspiration comes from two challenges: My Creative Time Designer Challenge, which calls for 4 3 x 3 cards, and the added bonus of a critter theme, which in turn, fits tickety-boo with same theme at 4 Crafty Chicks' Challenge #143.  Connecting the two "had" to happen - and what a fabulous opportunity to showcase some of my favourite things: My Creative Time 3 X 3 card die, as well as PS, TAWS and MCT stamps.  The "pattern" in my set is fairly obvious: butterflies (winged critters, right?), common papers, and "thank you" sentiments.

Here they are...

The gold brads on each are meant to be more functional than decorative, to keep the cards
closed because I used fairly heavy cardstock, but if you think they add 
an 'extra touch' embellishment-wise, I'd be delighted...

Hope you enjoy my set of butterfly thanks...
Thank you for dropping in; your comments are welcomed and appreciated immensely.


  1. Thank you for playing our Critter Challenge at 4 Crafty Chicks, nicely done!

  2. Oh what a great collection of those tiny cards! They all go together so well. Hopefully you can switch back to "big" card-making a little easier after this wonderful detour : )

  3. Each one of your cards is beautiful. Loving the colors and layouts. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible inspiration with us at 4 Crafty Chicks. Have an amazing week!

  4. These are stunningly gorgeous, Carol. I thank you for all these inspirations as I have that die, and butterfly punches . . . these are defo going in my faves folder and winners in my book!!

    (I hope you can join in the Ardyth birthday fun sometime in the next couple of weeks while the link is open!)

  5. These are just delightful, Carol! And if you hadn't told me that the gold brads were more functional than decorative, I would have never guessed! I do think they add a little extra pizzazz to already sweet and whimsical cards! And if you get the urge to go small again...don't resist - good things can come in small packages! As you have proven right here!!!

  6. Awww...your butterflies are gorgeous!!! Thanks for joining us in the My Creative Time ~ Designer Challenge. :)

  7. Wow! You have soooooo got to package these up and sell them as sets on Etsy! If not there, then find a sweet little box die to fit these pretties and sell them locally in the gift shops.

    Serious gorgeousness happening here Carol ! Your design layout and elements are spot-on and of course, your colors and DP are to die for!

    I also love all things small - probably why I didn't like scrap booking - way too overwhelmed by all the space to fill!