Thursday, May 23, 2013

Embossed Blossom Birthday Card...TAWS BE Inspired #28

Rain, rain go away...we're under a *rainfall warning watch* for the next couple of days, with no signs of the sun breaking through the dense clouds until Sunday, or maybe Monday.  That's okay, because despite the weather, the 'silver linings' abound: traveling to see my family tomorrow, which means "Auntie C" time, card-making and cookie-baking incentive (although weather of any kind allows for those activities, doing so when the rain is streaming down in sheets adds the 'indulgence' aspect); and yet another challenge accomplished, with a twist: a 're-visit' to a technique I gave up on months ago...

My card truly is a labour of love, which stems from a couple of sources.  First, it's my entry into the TAWS BE Inspired #28 challenge, with a photo inspiration showcasing a bedroom  - soft colours, dreamy decor -I'd love to own, and a chance to play with my much-loved TAWS stamps.  Second, my 'approach' was inspired by the embossing technique shared by talented, creative and wonderful Shannon on her card here.  In a word: gorgeous! 

Now, embossing powder and I don't have a particularly strong relationship, but after seeing Shannon's stellar results and thinking (hard!!) about the subtle palette in the photo, embossing seemed the way to go.  *Seemed* is the operative term, because holy smokes, did this take  a long time to create! "Back to the drawing board" and "scrunch and trash" happened about 10 times; a lesson on embossing is definitely on the agenda!  Given an 'extension' (I know, I know -  we had two weeks to ponder and excuses!), I'd do some refining and polishing to enhance my 'vision.'  Still, I knew the 'look' I was seeking, made some inroads in re-connecting with embossing and all the possibilities it offers, and wound up with a card that is, like Shannon's, an 'experiment.'  I'm in awe of Shannon's white embossed, copic coloured flowers, but with neither the 'right' shades in my copic collection nor white embossing powder, a Plan B was needed. Solution: silver embossing (it was that or green...and why I have green embossing powder is anyone's guess! What was I thinking??) on patterned paper...

TAWS BE Inspired photo here:
and my embossed blossom...

Hmmm...not sure if embossing the flower pot was a wise decision, but
it's all part of the 'challenge' process of trying new things.

Thank you, Shannon, for 'technique' inspiration, and for the oh-so-pretty card!
Thank you to TAWS, for the gorgeous photo inspiration and especially, for the wonderful, much loved stamps!  Hope I did justice to to the images from Pedal Pushers and Wish Big!

Thanks for dropping in; your comments are much welcomed and appreciated!
Hope you have a day filled with 'silver linings'...


  1. Oh sweet Carol!! I have a little tear in my eye (no joke!!) and a happy heart! I am just SO touched that my little experiment encouraged you to give embossing another try - and the results are absolutely, 1000% STUNNING!!! Oh you did those TAWS sets justice, and then some, AND THEN SOME MORE! Simply gorgeous!

    Enjoy your cookie-baking, card-making indulgence on a gloomy but oh so cozy day! I just love those days...the pitter patter of the rain on my craft room window - bliss!! And one good day followed by another as you head out for Aunty C cuddles and snuggles! Bliss +++!!! Be in touch again later tonight :) Going to dab my tears now ;) !!!

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous! The silver embossing on the flower is so elegant! Thanks for joining us at the TAWS BE Inspired challenge!

  3. Your flower came out so pretty, Carol--I love it! Of course you can't go wrong with silver embossing powder in my book. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting family & no snow problems!

  4. Send a bit of those showers our way! I just spoke with Brady and she said that Calgary is also under a heavy rainfall warning as well. Dry as dust here!

    The silver embossing is perfect and works so well with the stunning colors that you have used. Classy, elegant, with a hint of whimsy in the font of the sentiment. Your creativity is soaring. You seem to have found a style that you are comfortable and confident with...and it shows in the beautiful cards that you are creating!

    Looking forward to a kazillion more creations :)

  5. In spite of the trouble that embossing gave you, Carol, the card you ended up with is brilliant! I love everything about it!!

    Hope you're having a great "Aunty" time and a safe trip!!