Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heartfelt Thanks...Clearly Besotted Challenge #11 - Colour Challenge, CAS(E) This Sketch #77

Hello...running late once again, trying to catch up with photographing and posting cards, and visiting your blogs. More hours - and organization - required.

Last weekend with my family, and nearly two full days' worth of time with my niece and nephew, was  nothing short of excellent.  My sister-in-law was at a conference, so my brother was more than willing to share the kiddos with my mom and I.  Both days involved attending birthday parties; one at Cafe o'Play (such a cool name), which is akin to an 'upscale' McDonald's playground.  We had the cafe to ourselves; kids cavorting about in the center play area or making crafts from foam bits and popsicle sticks (Ms. T made a monkey and lion..cute!), and adults standing watch, coffee in hand. The Sunday party, at Toy Hutch, involved 'bouncy' objects - a train and a castle.  Quite the productions, these parties, and certainly a far cry from what we had as kids! Imagine...birthday kids' friends and the younger siblings of the friends + sugary snacks + running wildly amuck and, get the drift! Sugar-rush zaniness...Hilarious!

As always, a highlight to share...

Saturday morning, a conversation with my niece...
Ms T:  Aunty C, I want to sing a song for you.
Me:  Absolutely. I'm ready...give 'er.
Ms T:  Daddy, put on my song, please.
(At this point, Daddy has the remote and is finding 'her' song.  I'm giving him the quizzical look - as often I do - wondering what he's up to. This is new territory...)
Me:  What song are you singing, my girl? (who is now poised in front of the TV, waiting for her song to cue up).
Ms. T:  "Let It Go"...
Me:  Ummm, "Let It Go"??? (Apparently I have no clue that this is from the movie, Frozen.  No clue...)

My brother has the song ready...and it plays...and my niece is singing along (she knows nearly all the words), while performing the actions of Elsa...and I start to tear up, close to crumpling into a sobbing mess, at how absolutely beyond comprehension adorable she is. Fully engaged...fully enthralled...fully showing signs of growing up.  If you haven't heard "Let It Go", here's a link.  Truly, even listening to it now, thinking about her singing...tears ready to spill.  Every time she sang it (about 100...*grin*) my response was the same. Touched.  Deeply.  (And then I had to explain 'fractals' to little physicist...)

The only thing that staved off a full-on tear-fest was my nephew who, minding his own business tinkering around with toys in the corner, was having his own solo performance, belting out "Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-a...".

Yes, my, oh my, it was a WONDERFUL day!  And that, was just the beginning of the fun and frolick that unfolded.  Happy sighhh....

Anyway...I'm  here with a card for Clearly Besotted Challenge #11: Colour Challenge

Initially, I was aiming for the 'debossed' look from the PTI Make it Monday video (even though nary a PTI product resides in my house, I still enjoy the 'learning' opportunies). Alas, my attempts to line up the dies with the stamped images went woefully awry, so I executed Plan B. I decided to un-deboss, and made my pink butterfly a three-stacker, with the sentiment whispering across the lower wing. I'll try the debossing again, sometime.

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. Simply serene and exotic :)

  2. This is absolutely perfect! Love how you used the sketch!

  3. What a sweet story with your niece!!
    My daughter,she is 9,sings this song every day...EVERY day!! Of course in German though!! Love this song!
    Stunning card,Carol!!! WOW! Me as an butterfly addicted crafter...LOVE it!! I just love how you stamped the H on the butterfly as well...looks amazing!!
    Have a wonderful day xox

  4. Love your take on the sketch! Of course, you had to use butterflies for the dots ;)! It's beautiful!
    I am so happy that you had a wonderful time with your niece and nephew! They sound adorable!

  5. What memories you're creating with those sweet children, Carol ... they'll stay with them always! What a fabulous card ... those butterflies have settled in just the perfect places! Hugs, Anita :)

    Oh, almost forgot ... yep, at last that C place has at last come to stay!

  6. Oh more cute happy stories of your little ones! Sounds like you had a ball with them. I know I would have if I had gotten to spend time at Cafe o Play! Never heard of it, but it sounds right up my alley :D Your card... OH MY!! LOVE! I adore white space, and white space with beautiful butterflies is stunning!!!

  7. Oh, what a gorgeous colour scheme and card! Fabulous take on the sketch!

  8. OMG that story about Miss Niece made ME tear up!!! Could she make your heart swell anymore?!! So glad you got to enjoy more special times with your girl and your boy!!! Your card...puh-retttty!!! Your design, your style, your choice of colours, all flawless! Super love how you stamped the sentiment on the operation of the butterfly...gorgeous!!!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the kids...I always love it when you share's like I there with you!

    such a pretty card, love those butterflies and awesome combo of challenges!

  10. Your experienced a kid's party at a bouncy place - and you are still cheerful about it??!!! It's not my favorite experience because of the level of craziness! However, it sounds like you were amply rewarded by the sweet singing of your niece!

    Very pretty butterflies - and I so love the way your sentiment sits on top of the big butterfly.

  11. I'm so sorry I'm so behind with my comment my friend, I am slower than molasses on a cold January day!! I will get caught up this weekend though. Love, love your story about your niece! And I know exactly how you feel as I was tearing up just reading it. lol I do the same thing with my granddaughters, they just touch my heart and soul so much!! I don't get to see my nephews and it breaks my heart. So enjoy yours to the fullest!!! Love, love your butterfly card. The debossing can be tricking and I'm not real good at it either, but saw the challenge and wanted to try it as soon as I get time. I love how you got the sentiment to go on the butterfly too! So beautiful!!! Oh and I wish you lived close by me too, cause I could use the help and I always want more in person friends in my life! Hugs, Brenda

  12. LOVE the movie frozen~the girlies and I saw it twice. So sweet!!! Your lil niece and nephew are the best. ;)
    Your card is beautiful Carol! I will have to give that technique a go sometime...

  13. Haha! I love your un-embossing!!! Fabulous card! And how have you not heard that song?!?!?! hehehe!

  14. Plan B rocks girl...well it does when you do it ;) My plan B's are not the stuff of legends that card is.

  15. What an amazing card, I love the design :) Thank you so very much for playing along with the Clearly Besotted Challenge x