Sunday, February 2, 2014

PURPLE!!...CASology: Week 80, Viva La Verve January 2014: Sketch 1

I am SO stoked!  When CAS-olgy's Week 80 invitation to create a card using purple came about,

I immediately dismissed any hope of participating. No purple in my house...until a couple of sparks lit. First step: a bit more rummaging-around effort in my woefully disorganized cardstock collection (small, but a disaster...given my puny crafting space you'd think tidiness would be a given, but nope...) revealed a 1/2 sheet of lilac-ish paper.  Score #1!

With that little snippet to play with, I decided on a tall and skinny card - 'just in case' I messed up with my little treasure.  Earlier on, I'd also decided that playing more often with the Viva La Verve sketches 'has' to happen, for any multitude of reasons, but especially to try to learn and replicate the dazzling cards the DT does so remarkably well. Gorgeous layers, pretty patterns, combined with amazing images - those are the hallmarks of the ladies of Verve. I want to figure out some of that magic. Even though I'm light years away from accomplishing this, I decided to give their Sketch #1

for January a try (an abbreviated version, actually, as I totally missed the band/tag part), using purple as the background and keeping things relatively simple.  I took out my Poppy Birthday set, and went to work...

Here's card #1: not 'fantastic' by any stretch (my poppies are cute, but I didn't 'align' the blue ones quite right before gluing them down. See: good thing I preserved some paper, because a boo boo was bound to happen), but I did create my own background with a poppy stamp and versamark...

Just after finishing that card, I dropped my little basket of inks on the floor, and guess what rolled under the table...the purple coloured ink that I'd 'given' to my niece to play with.  The ones I thought I "didn't" quite like, but do now (we'll figure out how to share these..I think "someone" who's almost 4 will be getting new inks in the near future), and in picking it up, I realized it's a Versamark ink. Embossing ping...

In all my excitement, I trimmed my last snippet of purple down a smidge too much, so I have this wonky-sized birthday card; it's more like a large tag, I reckon.  Same sketch, even more simple, and a pretty butterfly from the Each Day set...

I wish I could capture the butterflies' sheen real life they're pretty. Basic card/tag...I rather like it.

Heading up to the Nordic Centre in a few minutes, after I put on my 16 layers of clothes, then we're back to watch Superbowl.  Well, technically, my husband will, as I have Valentines calling my name.

Thanks so much for dropping by;  your visit and comments make my day!


  1. We're practically neighbors over at CASology! Both of your purple cards are stupendous! (now, that's a word you don't hear everyday!!) I too, was down to one sheet of purple...but you've done wonders with your snippet. Those butterflies are sweet, but I love those poppies!! Gonna have to check them out. No Super Bowl for me either. Wanna get my craft on just like you! Bev

  2. Hi Carol--You truly are a perfectionist as the first card is wonderful with no visible mistake! However, I'm glad you felt the need to make another one as the butterfly card is stunning! I want to work on cards today, but won't be happening during the Super Bowl being that I'm a huge football fan & the closest team to us is playing--Go Hawks! We've actually gone to several of their games in the past & I lived in WA when they had a contest to name the team when they began in the league. On the other hand, Peyton played all those years for Indy--the team of my roots since I was born there. Hopefully it'll be a great game! I knew you'd love seeing the puppies--more pictures to come & you better wish me luck as I become a puppy momma at this old age!

  3. I love your lovely clean and simple butterfly card! Perfect for this week's challenge! So glad you joined us at CASology this week!

  4. Isn't it fun reading about everyone either loving or being ambivalent about purple, ... wonder what the split is! These are both lovely, Carol ... I've tried and tried to see what it is you're not happy with on the poppies and can't ... they're fabulous ... and I love that subtle background embossing! In wish book! Anita :)

  5. LOL! I do not like working with purple-- so I will def be sitting this challenge out! LOL! I'm glad that you gave it a go!! You are a better crafter than me:) I refuse to touch purple! LOL!

    LOOOOOOVE your cards-- that first one is SOOOOOOO pretty! LOVE the background stamping and the flower panels! LOVE!

    And your second card is just gorgeous! LOOOOOOVE those butterflies and your tone on tone design! FAB x10000!

    You rock, Carol:) Hope you are doing well!! Sorry I've been MIA! I need to stop by more often-- totally need to be inspired:)

    ps... thank you x10000000 for stopping by the Virtual Smooches blog and leaving some love for me! And thanks for watching my videos! <3 You made my day <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  6. Not one but two purple cards?!! Oh let me rephrase that - two totally awesome, fabulous, crazy lovely purple cards (until this moment I never believed those words would come out of MY mouth based on my poor opinion of purple!). So pleased that you could use your snippet to the max and deliver some WOW! I love the background stamping in the first card and I think the poppies are perfect! I'm in love with the simplicity of the second card too - a perfect example of how less can be more. Hope you had a lovely afternoon!! xo

  7. Anita, I cannot find anything at wrong with your poppy card! It's fabulous! The stamped background is amazing, the colors of your poppies work beautifully with the shade of purple and your design is spot on! The stitched mats and perfectly placed sequins - also rock! Nothing to not like as far as I'm concerned!

    The butterflies - beautiful clean & simple elegance! The sentiment seems to mimic the movement of the butterflies - great choice!

    Two awesome cards dear friend!

  8. I need glasses...because I cannot find anything wrong with your card at all. Oh that is right, I WEAR glasses - still cannot find anything wrong with your card. Too hard on yourself, C!! :) The poppy card is so delightful. Love those stamps, too, just quietly! I'm glad you were able to find the smidge of purple because both of your cards are just so lovely!

  9. These two cards you've perfectly pulled together are wonderful. Purple is a color I'm not that quick to pull out and then a while back it was all I did use. It was fun to come visit you from the Viva La Verve Sketch Challlenge blog. ;)

  10. What are you talking about!! Your cards ARE fantastic!! No if ands or buts about it!! I love the 1st card even without the band/tag!! The flowers are fantastic! Reminds me i need to break out this set and play with it!!! And those butterflies are amazing!! I love how CAS that card is!!

  11. These are wonderful! Love that you were able to find some purple to play with!

  12. Aaah, more little beauties! I don't know how you do it all the time - you never seem to run out of mojo and fabulous ideas! :)