Friday, February 7, 2014

More "Mini" Love...Retro sketches #100, The Pink Elephant #236

A crisp Friday morning here once again; perfect day for making Valentine cards!

This week, the talented team at Retro sketches are celebrating their 100th sketch; a most impressive accomplishment.  When I first started crafting, just a snippet over a year or so ago, RS was one of the first challenge sites to pique my interest, and it was  through playing with their challenges that a 'reality' appeared for me: I. Need. Sketches.  No sketch means I'm lost. So, thank you RS team for providing me with weekly inspiration!!

I've also become quite the fan of Arielle Gordon, the originator of the challenge and one of the four creative geniuses - along with Kasia, Laurie and Wanda - who shares the stage of talent and inspiration.  Arielle's cards, whether showcased at RS or elsewhere, are delights in every way, but what I find especially amazing is her ability to transform sketches into 'mini' versions that translate so well onto small canvases.  Many sketches have me running the other direction; I see too much complexity, which results in a serious case of the willies, and a decision of 'nope, can't do that.' Arielle, however, has the unique ability to see the 'simple' within the complex, and by scaling things down, she achieves the most remarkable results.  Let me show you what I mean...
Here's a recent Deconstructed Sketch, that I find intriguing, but don't have an iota of a clue as to where to begin navigating my way through...
Arielle,  however, through her unique lens of creativity, sees the sketch from a completely different perspective, and winds up with this gem:
All the sketch elements are 'little'!  Seriously,  how COOL is this!  Indeed, if you have a chance, go for a wander on her site. I guarantee you'll find treats and treasures galore, as I have.

My card today is inspired by three sources: the first is, of course, RS 100

and paired with that, the inspiration of Arielle.  In keeping with her 'small, but powerful' technique, I've tried to follow her style with a little card of my own. Of course I* had* to add an extra challenge to the existing challenges by making my card smaller than her usual size; mine is 3 X 3 (see what I mean about how I 'complex-ify' things even more than is 'normal'?), but hopefully, I've done 'justice' both to the sketch and to Arielle's influence.  

The third inspiration is the lovely collage of love-themed images over at The Pink Elephant #236

Red and white...

Here's my mini; another card headed for my niece or nephew's day-card teachers...

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. There is that XOXO die again! Help!! I need to know who it is by so I can get it LOL! Had to giggle at your comment about sketches. I'm right there with you! Have a fabulous w/e!

  2. Sweet, Carol ... looks as though you de-complexified the sketch beautifully ... loving those sequins! Anita :)

  3. Well you have combined these challenges into something adorably sweet!! I love the way you did the top of the card and the hearts and the xxoo's look wonderful on the stitched mat! Way to go on interpreting that sketch!

  4. There you go again with those dies!! I love your take on the sketch!! Awesome!!

  5. Ooh la la!!!! I love this sweet little thing!!! You have taken all the snippets and awesomeness of Arielle's style and incorporated into your own just as awesome style - the result: absolute adorableness with so many touches of love! I have to tell you too - I made four mini cards this week totally inspired by YOU!!! Hopefully I will get them posted tomorrow :)

  6. Terrific use of that sketch, Carol--love this one!

  7. This is too cute...what a fabulous envelope! How do you send those out? Or do you hand deliver them? They are just amazing, you could sell these pieces of art and make some stamping money!

  8. Isn't that sketch amazing?! I want to keep it and try it one day. I Love how you have put your own spin on the sketch (as per usual). Was just saying to Bev how I want us to all sit in one room and create together....aside from being just plain old FUN, I think all our different styles would be terrific inspiration for each other (which basically translates to "I want to borrow some of your creativity"). :)