Saturday, January 4, 2014

THX a Super Lot!!...Clean and Simple #273,

Hello…already January 4rd, and Saturday AND only two more days before returning to work!  Time travels quickly…

Apparently, along with the flu season we’re being cautioned about (icky scary - I"m feeling a wee tinge off-colour today), ‘tis also the season for computer weirdness.  I discovered late yesterday, that I could receive emails, but not send any.  Today, same situation, with the added ‘delightful discovery’ that despite embarking on a many-hours journey through blog land,  to leave comments at all the dazzling creations I found, only a portion stuck!  So, if you haven’t heard from me (Shannon: I LOVE your cards, and Greta, too, and so many more), my apologies!   Well-intended, but kiboshed by technology glitches….gahhh!! The internet guys ‘think’ it may be fixed tomorrow….we shall see!   Seriously crazy-making!  At one point, in an effort to ‘breathe and be calm’ I *had* to alphabetize my paper pads – again – and ditch the little scraps that I’ve been keeping  for reasons unknown.   I know I’m frugal, but truthfully, the sizes of some of those papers wouldn’t even make a confetti!   Yeesh….Yep, the internet/computer aren’t the only ‘weird’ things in our house…

So, pressing on my mind, and because I can’t send notes: are all my Eastern Canada and US friends okay?  Are you safe?  Geri, Barb, Tracey, Ardyth, Lesley, Bev – and everyone else in the ‘eyes of the storms’  - know that I’m thinking of you, hoping that you’re  tucked cozily inside your homes, toasty  warm, and not having to venture out until temperatures and road conditions improve. We’re heading into a deep freeze over the weekend (figures – my husband is tasked with biathlon competitions, but if the mercury dips too low, the events will be cancelled, which creates a whole ‘nother set of issues with re-scheduling), but returning to ‘normal’ by Monday.   Cold and frosty – we know where I’ll be – and for those of you in similar circumstances, I hope your craft-room is your #1 destination, too!

My card today is my attempt to express a most mega THANK YOU to everyone who has left sweet comments on my recent posts.  Talk about buoying a flagging spirit!  My mojo is still rattling around somewhere else, and my cards are feeling /looking just sort of ‘flat’ and ‘meh’.  Knowing that you’ve seen glimmers of something positive:  appreciated exponentially!  I guess we all experience the ‘crafting slump’ now and again, however, I’ve had enough of it. Mr. Mojo: come back and play!  

One of my resolutions is to be more 'thankful' this year, so I hope you'll accept my "Big Time Thnx..a super lot" as one of my first efforts to let you know how much I treasure this crafting community!  You are awesome!!  The sketch inspiration comes from Clean and Simple #273

and the colour inspiration from Curtain Call: Smitten (the grey, in particular)

Apologies for photo quality.  I’m relying on my husband’s cell phone camera that I still don’t 
comprehend (can’t figure out how to focus the images better..,d-uh), coupled with gloomy lighting.   

I love making little stacks! And *performing a happy jig* Do you see what's on the top left and bottom right of the white panel?  WASHI TAPE!!  Yes, I have washi tape, thanks to wonderful Barb, from Kinsale Creations, who sent the most AMAZING package of goodies my way!  Awesome, plus x 100000!!  I probably used it incorrectly (practice, practice), but ...washi tape now resides in my collection!  Yayyy...thank you again, Barb!

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. Love that DP, Carol ... a perfect backdrop for those sweet colourful curvy arrows! And arrow washi tape ... how fab ... I guess I'm must be one of the few non-washi people left in the world! Good to hear you're keeping cosy ... Anita :)

  2. Oh your card is wonderful Carol! Love the rectangle frame and the washi tape!! Can you believe that I have never used washi tape before?? I got some in my stocking for Christmas though, so eventually I'm going to try it. It will probably be out of style by the time I do though! Sorry to hear about your email issues. With computers it seems it's always something eh? Stay warm in the storm that's coming. We're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow with highs in the single digits! Brrrrr. :)

  3. Such a fun card!! I love the design and colors you used!! Thanks for stopping by my book blog :)

  4. Oh, dear, Carol, sorry you are feeling a little off, that you are going into the deep freeze more than your usual deep freeze, and that you have Nojo in residence in place of Mojo! None of that is good! But then methinks you might be wrong about the lack of Mojo ~ your card is super cute! Congrats on being the proud owner and user of Washi tape!!

    BTW, thank so much for the head'sup about the "new" challenge at SSWC!! I edited my post to play along! Happy New Year! Hugs, Darnell

  5. I love your fun card..and wahooooooooooo for washi!

  6. Oh sweet Carol, steer clear of the flu!!! Early to bed and lots of liquids!!! I might be suffering along with you very *sweet* hubby invited his buddies over tonight, and one showed up with the flu!! WHO does that?!! Keep your germs at home!!! Whew...feel better now that's off my chest!! And email/computer problems to boot! Don't "they" know you NEED these things to work!!! Especially in a deep freeze when you're house bound!! Good grief!!!
    Thank you so much for leaving me a little note in your happy was I when I read that?!! You are seriously the best!!
    Now, about that sweet, no wait, ADORABLE little number you just posted! Um, I LOVE IT!! Like, A SUPER LOT!!! Perfect mix of papers, sparkly bling and drum roll please...waaaaashi!!! (perfectly used, btw - AND how sweet is that Barb for sending you some goodies!!!). If MJ is missing, he certainly made an appearance while you were making this sweet thing! Love it!
    Now stay warm and cozy and keep a cup of cocoa nice and close. Add in a snuggly blanket, a crackling fire and a cuddle with your sweet boy - hey, the deep freeze might not be so bad afterall ;) !!! I'll be thinking of you!!!

  7. So sorry you were having computer fun for sure. Hope you are feeling better too. Your card is too cute...what a sweet thank you card and your little touch of Washi Tape at the bottom of your card is just so perfect! Take card and feel better sweetie!

  8. First of all, I don't see any 'flat' or 'meh' whatsoever! What I do see is a fabulously clean and simple design with the perfect the amazing Washi tape! Which, by the way, is absolutely perfect!!! I honestly don't think there is a wrong way to use Washi tape! Love the arrows too - such a fun way to add a wee schmick of fun to the white space!

    Hope you're feeling okay and will be able to send that flu bug packing right back out the door where it came from!

    I'm thinking that Blogger has caught some type of bug, because I am also having one heck of a time with posts right now! Totally grrrrrrrrr....

  9. Carol this is adorable and I love your interpretation of the sketch! Your resolution is perfect!

  10. I'm alive and well! Thanks for thinking of me :)
    I see mojo...mine's been a brat lately too :(
    I'm happy to see you're using the washi tape...I have lots of the stuff, but never do ...wasteful of me to even buy it.
    Your resolution is a great one! There's always something or someone to be thankful for. I could follow too. I think I have to keep that in mind more often.

  11. Love that chevron paper and the arrows are too fun :) Hope the biathlon event wasn't cancelled... Thanks for joining us at The Curtain Call :)

  12. Totally darling card, Carol! Maybe you just need new glasses--LOL--Mr Mojo is with you, trust me! Hope you're staying safe & warm--can't imagine how cold you guys have it!