Friday, January 17, 2014

"Forever Framed"...Sweet Sunday Sketch #202, The Pink Elephant #233

How did Friday arrive so quickly? I'm weekend-ready, however, because I have a whole lotta Valentine cards to make for a whole lotta little ones, ranging from two-ish to four-ish years old. My sister-in-law's requests are always so much fun (multiples of fun, actually), so once I figure out what I'm making, the cards will go to my niece's and nephew's daycare buddies and teachers. My 'finish' goal is to have them for next weekend, when we head north (yayyyyy...) for a family visit, but that's being optimistic as I'm managing to over-think and perhaps, over-complicate what I'm making for little ones. If they're not done for next week, I'll just send them when they are: a package of love.  The bonus: I'll be playing with mini-sized cards and new products. Excited.  A few ideas are percolating...

Today, however, I'm sharing a card made earlier in the week, using a stamp I ordered last year, but didn't have a chance to use since it arrived after Valentine's (oh, to have 2 -3 day delivery..sighhhh).  Sweet Sunday Sketch #202 provided inspiration for the debut of my Forever + heart stamp:

The Pink Elephant #233 challenge invites us to use two patterned papers, one border die/punch and one heart, so I 'think' I've met the ingredient requirements (provided the stitching on the matted rectangle constitutes a 'border' die. (If not, lovely PE lades, let me know and I'll evacuate the premises)

 (eeeee..the 'forever'  is crooked...sorry...I seriously need to get an eye-alignment AND learn to use my 
thing-a-ma-stamp-a-ma-jiggy-thingy.  I lost the instructions, because I, for one, NEED a manual for everything!!)

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. Had you not mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed that your sentiment was ever so slightly askew-it's really only slightly though! What is wrong with us card people - why do we feel the need to point out our failings?! No one else sees them so maybe we should just keep schtum! Ha ha! :)

    This card is adorable! I think it's perfect for all the challenges ;) I wish you luck with your Valentine's cards for the little people - I totally understand the desire to make all your cards perfect for the recipients, even if they're're not alone there! :)

    I am also visitbg family soon and share in your excitement!! Have a lovely weekend darling :)

  2. Seriously, your sentiment is fine. I love your card and way to rock the challenges!

  3. Did I just read on Kay's blog that you think you are stamp-challenged?!! Whaaaatttt?!!! Silly girl, your stamping is incredible!! Take for example this card! Look at the richness of the heart!! The crispness of the sentiment!! And the positioning is just perfectly fine! Add in that sweet little polka heart and that sweetie pie frame and what an awesome card you have created! Go easy on yourself on the Valentines! KISS principle - trust me! Otherwise you will be pulling out your hair!! ;) Have an awesome weekend, sweet friend!

  4. Sweet card, Carol ... I too wouldn't have noticed the miniscule slant on the sentiment if you hadn't mentioned it! What I did notice? Lovely papers, perfectly matched (as ever!), fab frame, luscious pink heart and that cute polka dot heart perched below it ... see, wonderful! Enjoy your little people creativity! Anita :)

  5. Perfect!! I just love the colors and layout...thanks for the reminder that I need to get to work on my valentines day cards!!! ;)

  6. Love love that stamp die! I need it!! haha! This is super cute Carol! I love the little black dotted heart too, it adds so much! Lovely work! :)

  7. Adorable Valentine's Day card! I love the look of the big postage stamp, fabulous card Carol.

  8. It seems that I am also embroiled in a battle with Blogger! If this post disappears you will never know that I visited. If not, then perhaps only part of it will show up! So frustrating ):

    Love the clean and layered look - all the elements & color work beautifully together, especially with the pop of b&w pollka dots.

    I'm sure the the ladies over at Pink Elephant will be admiring the stitched border die and will not be asking you to quietly leave the premise (you're crazy...but in a great way cuz you always make me giggle out loud!!!)

    Is your stamp-a-ma-doo-hickey from SU? If so, let me know and I will send you a bit of a tutorial. Took me forever to figure mine out... someone actually physically had to show me how to use it! Don't know how I ever stamped without it!!!

  9. Wowzer! This is such a fabulous Valentine, Carol--I truly adore this creation!

  10. Beautiful!! I love the layered shapes :)