Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back with a Christmas Pairing....Less is More #142: Trees, Festive Friday #19: Whimisical Theme

Hello!!  Hello??  *Waving wildly*  Any one out there??  Hope so, because oh my, I’ve missed my blog and especially, my wonderfully supportive blog friends!

*Just me:c*  has been quiet these past several days, however, idleness on the site is not reflected in idleness with card-making. Quite the contrary!  I’ve been crafting up a storm (okay, maybe wee turbulences is more apt) and the *make+post* equation has fallen in arrears.  In recognition of my ‘done but not shared’ infractions, I have dubbed myself the 'queen of tardy’ with a promise to rectify things asap.  So, here I am, with again a frenzy of posts to catch you up on my goings-and-craftings ons, along with fingers crossed that my delightful supporters will forgive my occasional ebbs and flows…

Over the past two weeks, we traveled to visit my family for Thanksgiving, returned home on the Monday, then headed back the following Friday, returning on Sunday.  The in-between days = one big batch of hectic!  Good hectic, though, because my spare time sole-focus was crafting:
  •       6  baby cards for my sister-in-law's mom (ordered Thanksgiving weekend, delivered the following;
  •          a Christmas card (I made two, just in case...) for the young girl my sister and her husband sponsor in Puerto Rico;
  •          the  10 Day Countdown to Halloween little calendar for Ms. Cutie-Pie Niece;
  •          2 Thank You cards requested by my husband and
  •          1 card to launch my second round of Halloween themed creations, because the first batch (the Boo Crew set, plus those with the stitches ghosts) are on their way to new homes (yayyyy!!! )

Whew...plenty of crafting (and maybe some shopping might have happened in the midst, too…J), and it’s time to share a little bit. 

This post’s feature: the Christmas cards I made for my sister, following her request to a “t”: cheery, flat, and not overly ‘commercial’ (as she’s sharing this with a family in need).  My first card was inspired by the new WPlus9: Pretty Patches Tree dies, and needing a *challenge* to help me out, off I ventured. Imagine my delight to find Less is More: Trees (first time entry) and Festive Friday: Create a Holiday Project with A Whimsical Theme 
to spark the muse.  I *think* my little trees in the first card are a touch whimsical, and I hope the Festive Friday crew think so, too… 

My second card, also heading to Festive Friday, showcases my first attempt at my new Clearly Besotted Signature Christmas dies and Signature Christmas Additions. 

 Oh my...two apologies with this one: the  green of the ornament doesn't match the green in the paper (which is soooo pretty!), and I didn't crop. you see a glimpse of my messy table, because if I try to crop now, blurry happens.  See what the result is when I'm lax in posting...out. of. practice.

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments add sparkle to my day!


  1. Waving wildly back again, Carol ...ebbing and flowing can be a Good Thing ... but I'm glad to see you back in flowing mode! And my, have you been flowing ... that list is amazing! The two you're sharing are fabulous ... gorgeous traditional colours and wonderful DP combining, as ever! Good to have you back in blogland, my friend! Anita :)

  2. Welcome back, Carol! It's so wonderful that you had tons of family time!! Your Christmas cards are fantastic!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. You've been BUSY! Love both of your christmas cards!

  4. Cardmaking extravaganza baby!!! Love these traditional Xmas cards. Your choice of patterned papers is perfect as usual Carol.

  5. Such sweet cards...sigh...I love them!!! They just make me happy, they really do! And man, have you been BUSY! But fun busy!!! Your cards are in huge demand!!! And does this surprise me one little bit? Nuh-uh!! And I don't think your greens are off at all - I think they blend just beautifully together!! Love, love and love some more!!!

  6. Oh, these are both so nice! The layouts are great...and I love the sweet mix of patterns and colors! Thanks for joining us at Festive Friday!!!

  7. I say the trees and your sentiment font are perfectly whimsical! Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous cards with us at Festive Friday!

  8. These are fun - the bold colours and simple shapes are just perfect for this challenge! Thanks so much for joining us at Festive Friday!

  9. Beautiful cards, and my crafting table is ten times more messy than yours!

  10. Sweet cards!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  11. 2 wonderful cards--love them, Carol!