Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Days to Halloween Countdown Calendar...Cut it Up Challenge #30:Halloween, Simon Says Monday Challenge: Anything Goes, Simon Says Wednesday Challenge: Halloween

My niece is just over 3 ½ years old; my nephew just over 1 ½. They are the lights of my life and they are my ‘reasons’ for a good majority of my craft purchases.  Link an “I *need* this…for the kids”, a couple of battings of the eyelashes, along with “see how cuuuuute it is”  – and my husband gives the nodded go ahead to shop. He’s so sweet…and soooo enabling!!

With my niece now old enough to understand – sort of – the concepts of calendars and countdowns (we did some ‘mini’ math adding and subtracting during our last visit, using teddy graham cookies. In my defense, especially as a former teacher, I did not start this ‘education-y’ type stuff!!  She did!), I decided that a 10 Day Countdown to Halloween calendar was a must do.  It was a wonderful chance to showcase my purchases/wins (so fortunate - especially a thank you to Jen at Newton's Nook Designs for Boo Crew!); to play with some products that have been a bit neglected of late; and especially, to make something for my girl!!

Because I wanted this to be a countdown, I wielded my “Aunty C” influence as best I could. I suggested to my sister-in-law that she, or my brother, give Tessa one little calendar piece a day, 'adding' to the completed project, rather than giving her the whole production at once. I recall last year's Advent calendar I made for her:  she wanted to open all the little envelopes the first day!  I know, I know… once I pass my creations over, what happens is out of my hands, but my sister-in-law  liked the plan, especially since a wee chocolate is attached to the back of each little “day”.   A chocolate a day (shared with her brother) is a good thing, because left to her own devices,  Ms. Niece would embrace a full chocolate only diet quite happily (with some pizza and carrots for variety)!

The  countdown on Oct. 21st; on Sunday, when we chatted on the phone, she was telling me allll about the numbers  she’d received so far:  “today was 6 days to go, and tomorrow is five days to go.”  She gets it!! Hopefully, I’ll get some photos of her with her ‘finished’ calendar.  Can’t wait to make her and my nephew each their own  Advent calendar…after I’m done my *Halloween cards only* diet J

Here’s the calendar:  simple and, I hope, cute!!   I’m sharing this over at Cut It Up Challenge #30: Halloween, and Simon Says Wednesday Challenge: Halloween, and Simon Says Monday Challenge: Anything Goes 

I know...butterflies (on the Day 1 "card") for Halloween is weird, but she likes butterflies...

Here's a couple of close-ups

 And here's the whole thing...(candies are on the back, along with a coin for her "kids who need help" fund we started with her....

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  1. Can I be your niece??!!! Pleeeaaaaasssseeee!!! Oh Carol, these are brilliant. Seriously brilliant!!! You are the best auntie EVER!!! All so uniquely created with so much detail and fun! SUCH a special Halloween treat for the kids!!! I am down on my knees, arms overhead in awe of you!

  2. What a wonderful idea and such a fun project to make. I love the "coins for kids who need help" fund. Great way to encourage them to share with others less fortunate. These two will grow up to be wonderful people.

    Thanks for linking to Cut it Up Halloween/Day of the Dead Challenge!


  3. Hi Carol - this is ADORABLE! I love the idea of a countdown to Halloween! I'm sure your niece and nephew looked forward to seeing the new card for each day! What a fun tradition -- now you will have to do this every year for them! LOL!

  4. Oh for crying out loud! Glad my nieces & nephews are grown or they'd be wanting you for their auntie! Your work is just wonderful, Carol--so creative & perfectly put together!

  5. Om my gosh, those so adorable and clever!

  6. Now how stinkin' cute! Love this fun project!!!!

    Congrats on the Little Tangles win!!!

  7. Absolutely ADORABLE!! Fun idea!
    Thank you for joining us at Cut It Up Challenges.
    Have a wonderful day,
    ♥ Crafting With Creative M ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks Challenges ♥

  8. Jaw dropping cuteness!!! These are magazine worthy creations! The amount of work you put into each countdown piece is amazing...and beyond brilliant!

    The coins for kids who need help is truly a heart warming concept! You are one special, special aunty!

    So how about you adopt Shannon and I as your nieces? Sounds like a fine plan to me :)

  9. Gorgeous little projects~each is a work of art! Your niece will treasure this for years to come~

  10. Oh my goodness, Carol, these are adorable ... your auntie-ly devotion shines through each little detail! What a delight to give, and a joy for your niece to receive ... and keep forever! It's lovely to read your posts, reminds me of when the delights-of-my-life niece and nephews were young ... I was always Fairy Godmother ... seems that title would suit you too! Anita :)

  11. Adorable! I bet she loves these! So freakin' creative and fun! Happy belated Halloween and thanks for playing at CIU!!!!!

  12. Super cute project!! Love all the sweet details. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!

  13. YOU are an amazing auntie!! Each day is so cute and perfect for a precocious (I'm sure she must be) 3 1/2 year old! And it was very special of you to use a butterfly on day 1!