Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rosette(ish) Birthday...MUSE #21

I didn't have to be an official at yesterday's bike race (work day) and that was certainly fine by me.  According to my husband's review of the race, only a couple of eventful things happened:  they had to slow down the riders a couple of times, to let Bear 64 and her triplets have the 'right of way' (Bear 64 is a 23-year old 'resident' often seen along the parkway with her cutie-pie teddies in tow.  Actually, I'm terrified of bears, cougars, coyotes - the local wildlife in general - but those little cubs really are darling.  Their moms, however, different story...) and shorten the course a bit, so the wolves, denning at this time, could have some peace and quiet with their young 'uns (wolf puppies - also incredibly cute!).  All in all, things went well...oh, except for minor crashes  near the end of every category, which lead to messy results that needed to be untangled.  No injuries; no significantly bruised egos.  That makes 2 events done, and 3 yet to go between today and tomorrow.

The 'luxury' of staying home meant opportunity to play with MUSE Challenge #21 - and it's a good thing I had the afternoon/evening 'off' because, whew, my card was a sporting event all on its own!  Let's just say this: making rosettes is an art form requiring a skill level that I don't have, and likely won't acquire any time soon!  *Score and accordian fold strips of paper, connect the ends, squish down and ta-dahhhh, you have a rosette* is not as easy as it sounds.  Not by a long shot.  So, as any obsessed committed crafter would do, I researched several sites and videos on how to make rosettes 'properly'.  Our recycle bin is full of my attempts, and why I practice on 'good' paper is beyond me.  Evidently my 'hope this one will work' overtook the reality of 'nope, another dud' - and another sheet of nice paper turned into scrap.  Eventually, I figured things - practiced on scrap, made a couple of acceptable working models, and then (imagine that), shifted back to the patterned papers.  My learning approach isn't always the smartest...

Anyway, feast your eyes on Therese Calvird's splendid rosettes:

Stunning card in all respects, isn't it!

And, here's mine - a 'noble' effort of trying and learning...

In real life, the paper - My Mind's Eye Nostalgia -  is really, really pretty; glad I
decided to use it, because it's been neglected...

Come to think of it, I did make something resembling rosettes last October, when I made a 
whole slew of little Halloween-themed tags and such...but that's a whole 'nother story...

Thanks so much for dropping by; please let me know you did! Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!!


  1. Well Carol, I think you've nailed the Muse. Your rosettes look great to me! I had to teach a class once on making rosettes. So a day or two before, I actually looked up a tutorial, and made a couple. Then I went and taught! It's just like surgical residents have to do --See one, Do one, Teach one! Your card is lovely..what banner and sentiment did you use? Might have to go on my wish list! : ) Bev

  2. Carol those rosettes are fabulous. I think you did a great job on them. The paper you used for your Muse are beautiful and definitely bang on. Have a great weekend.

  3. I like that you incorporated the colours of the Muse, but differently! Thanks for playing along!

  4. Just left a little not for you on your last post, not realizing you posted another treat for us to feast our eyes on! What a nice surprise to get to stay home from the races to enjoy a little craft time! Even though there were a lot of recycling bin deposits! Oh do I know about those! I just went through about $2 worth of good paper about an hour ago!!! I seem to follow you in your approach and use the good paper right off the bat, only to find that I've made a big 'ol mess. You'd think I'd have learned by now!! But back to your card - your attempts paid off, because the rosettes are beautiful - looks like you've been making them for years! I also love the accents you used - so, so pretty! I think you have made Therese proud!!!

  5. WOW! Bears??? I would love to see them walking across the street-- too cute with the babies!!! We only see alligators.... that's SCARRRRRRY!

    LOVE that you found out how to make these rosettes-- and you nailed it! LOVE the color story and the papers you've used!! I MUST MUST MUST get those papers! BEAUTIFUL! LOVE this card!!! FAB!!!

  6. Your post totally made me smile, gotta agree that the rosette thing isn't as easy as some make it look. This was my first attempt and like you say a whole lotta learning curve, but fun all the same. Your card really is beautiful and those rosettes look amazing, it's so true it's always the best paper that I've been 'hoarding' that I decide to practice on too lol!

  7. Wow! Well done Rose...ooops, I mean Carol! Seriously, you nailed these 'Rose'ettes. Put them side by side with Therese's .... no difference. I admire your perseverance and bravery! Beautiful colors, perfectly coordinated once again. The three blings - spot on!

    Glad to hear that the races were successful and that Mother Nature's children and grandchildren were shown the respect that the deserve! Warmed my heart to know that their well being comes first! Ya think I'm an extreme animal lover???

  8. That tenacity and perseverance was certainly worthwhile, Carol ... these rosettes are awesome ... and I love the perfectly placed bling! I've only done rosettes once and also had a big paper basket full of badly folded rejects! I did a Muse card for this week ... but it's not posted as I left it just too late to get it in ... and I chickened out of rosettes!! Anita :)

  9. Would never have known you struggled with the rosettes, Carol, as your final version looks perfect! Oh how wonderful to have that wildlife, but I, too, am scared of them--just want to see them from a safe distance.