Friday, June 7, 2013

Father's Day *Framed*...Retrosketches #66

My dad, who I've written about before, is rather an enigma; a 'not your typical dad' type guy. Of course, every dad is unique, and mine is no exception; he's just, well, uniquely unique.  He's not a golfer, or a sports fan by any stretch, but he is a collector of coins and stamps; he's not a 'book' reader, but ask him about world affairs, and he'll dazzle you with his knowledge; he's not a cook or a baker, but his sweet tooth is well-cultivated; he's not much for chit-chat, but when he does speak, we listen. Closely.  I've known him for over 50 years (53 and change, to be exact), and still, he remains a mystery.  Indeed, when he started penning poetry over a year ago, you could have blown me over with a feather, I was so stunned!  He's also undertaken quite the task in scanning years upon years of old photos and slides onto his computer (he so needs a new computer! His = dinosaur!), for, as he says, 'the purposes of sharing.'  Last Christmas, my sister, brother and I each received a memory stick, with 'our' photos on them.  What a treat to open up my sort of 'online' album  that showcased toddler sized mini me, gawky 10 year old me, crazy-permed hair adolescent me...Hmmm...perhaps 'treat' isn't quite correct, because some of those photos really ought to be deleted!  Anyway...

I can't possibly describe how challenging it is to make a card specifically for my dad!  He's not a 'card' guy, in the strictest sense, even though he's more than willing to have me create them for the poems he writes. However, I didn't let than daunt me, and after much puzzling, pondering and a bit of pouting (why couldn't my dad be a 'wee' bit interested in some sport, or cars, or...), I hit upon my solution.  My dad's a family guy, and with that in mind, ideas started to shape up...

My card's layout is inspired by Retrosketches #66; and you'll see a rather simple card...some pattern paper, a sentiment ticket, and a pair of  glasses (my dad and I are significantly near-sighted.  S-ig-ni-fi-cant-ly!!).  It's the 'what goes with' the card that makes if 'fit' my dad - a set of four little frames (actually six is the final count), with FAMILY as the caption - one each for mini-photos (ordering some prints is on my tomorrow 'to do' list) of my sister and her husband, my brother and sister-in-law, my husband and I, and of course, the two cutie-patootie grandkids. My hope is that my dad will place these where he spends most of his time - near his computer - so that he'll be surrounded by the people who love him deeply.  That's my hope.

Here's the inspiration retrosketch

and here's my photo series of my card and frames...

my card - a bit 'plain, Jack'...

the frame set, awaiting their photos...

card and frames side by side...

and the 'finished' project! The notebook paper is attached with two wee brads, leaving an
opening for the frames to fit inside.  Sort of 'envelope-ish'.

Whew! Fingers crossed this will make Pa smile...

Thanks so much for dropping by; and please let me know you did!  Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated, immensely!


  1. Oh this will make him smile FOR SURE! I love how your words always just dance off the, screen, and your words about your Pa did just that. I feel like I'VE known him for 53 years! You just write SO beautifully! And it makes my heart melt that you narrowed down your Pa's love to just one thing - family. AND that you created your frames based on that love. He is going to LOVE these. And the card is perfect too - those specs are a perfect idea!

    Oh, and don't worry, seems that I have a similar set of photos in my "memory box". Crazy perm - yes, "what was my Mother thinking" fashion - yes, less than perfect (as in horrible) complexion during "those" years - yes, yes, yes. Or more like NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! But they are fun to look back on ;) Such a special Christmas gift from your Dad. xx

  2. Darn clever. I'm guessing that your dad will love this, and he'll love all the thought put into this. Love how you've left a spot to tuck all those frames in. Great card C. Didn't we all do those fugly perms??!! A man must have thought that one up! Always love to read your posts. Later...or maybe next week...Bev

  3. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment on my blog. Your message made my day! Your Pa is definitely going to smile over this card.

  4. Fabulous Father's Day card! Love the colours.

  5. OH MY! I just love this card-- your dad will totally place it near his computer!!! He might even tape it to the side;) LOVE that design-- fab take on this sketch! PERFECT papers for a father:) YOU nailed it! I can't wait to hear what he says about it!!

    I find Father's Day cards hard to make-- I love my dad, but he wasn't always nice to me. It's very hard to stamp sentiments that say "you are the best dad" or how awesome he is... I still use them because I think he's a great guy, just made some bad choices. Plus, sometimes I make a card for my Heavenly Father and give it to my dad:) Makes me know that I have the perfect Father who loves me no matter what... and that I can make a difference in my dad's life now:) Hope that makes sense-- it's probably too much info... EH! :)

  6. My goodness...I have missed so many delightful creations during this past week! This is beyond words! The sincere love and respect that you have for your dad is so heart warminlgy (new word...channeling Darnell) evident in your posts when you speak of him!

    This is going to have the same effect on him, as discovering his poetry was for you! Truly a beautiful crafted work of heart!