Friday, April 19, 2013

Just a Note and Just a Note....Retro sketches #59 and Muse #13

I have a date with my husband this evening; well, with him and about 300 other people.  We're off to a Sports Recognition banquet and had he not commented, "So, I'll be home to pick you up for 5:30..." as I left for work this morning, my recollection of the event would not have registered on its own.  Quizzical  look, "What banq...?" noted his fingertip posed on today's date on our calendar where, in big bold print, I'd written *Banquet. Be Ready* and read last Saturday's square where I'd jotted, "Buy something to wear for banquet." Apparently, the latter didn't happen, as at this moment, a mere two hours from our 'date,' I have yet to explore my 'wardrobe stash' to see what discoveries await.  And my hair, well - 'dishevelled' is a style. Isn't it?  Isn't it?  Mascara - tube dried, but  I have a new one lost safely stowed somewhere.  Perfume or cologne - must have one or the other.  Quite frankly, I'm somewhat nervous, as I can't recall when last we had a 'dress up' occasion (perhaps our wedding 20 months ago?), yet somewhat excited (see previous reason).  A little anxiety, a little anticipation and a whole lot of 'why did I not plan better!!"  Hmmm...same thing happened on our wedding day and that worked out fine...

The clock may be ticking for my 'gussy up' adventure to begin, but I still have some wiggle room.  Priority - posting my cards.  Yes, I wrote cards, as in plural; as in evidently a 'why create one when two is fun' thing going on (see previous post for first signs of the affliction).  These two I blame solely on my latest acquisitions that arrived Wednesday: my PS Notebook Basics and Loopy Leaf dies.  They are swanky!  Totally swanky!  New stuff must be 'road tested' and these passed with flying colours!

My inspiration for the layout comes from the ever engaging and compelling Retro sketches and Muse challenges.  Although my flower colours aren't as dynamic as those in Muse, I'v followed the 'concept of three" and popped the center flowers up for some dimension; the tag element from the retro sketch features the note die on both cards; the flowers come from my delightful Petal Pushers set and the sentiment from PS.  Oh, those companies' products compliment one another so well; versatility rating is A+++

Inspiration here:

My versions here

and the duo:

Done.  Time to dust off a pair of  'heels,' tame my hair, find the mascara, figure out the clothes...Where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them???

Thanks for dropping by, and please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated, immensely! Enjoy your Friday evening, whether you're 'duded up' or comfy clothed....


  1. Bet you'll be the belle of the banquet! At least in your DH's eyes. Your cards are lovely. Can't decide which I like more, so I'm calling it a tie for darling! PS stamps are marvelous, aren't they?! Have fun tonight. Bev

  2. Hi Carol--how fun! Bet you looked great & had a ball with your hubby on date night--even if it was with 300 other people! Your cards are adorable--love them both!

  3. The flowers are just so happy looking - they seem to be dancing down the side of the panel!

  4. Haha! What a cute post… I can totally relate. Waiting till the last possible minute is soooo my thing! :) Super-cute cards… Love your take on both challenges. Really, really great!

  5. I love both of these - the 'officey' takes on this week's Muse. I love Stacey and Clinton too and wish they would come give me some advice. Not on national tv though! lol! Thanks for playing along!

  6. Such a fun post, hope you had a great time! Your cards are fabulous ... love how you've made the muse card your own with the 'notepad' and PS wonderful sentiment! Anita :)

  7. Very nice! I'm partial to the one with 3 flowers. Loving that color combo.

  8. Hope the ball was as great as your two cards!! Love them both! I had a good chuckle reading your post - that is so me! Right down to the dry tube of mascara!!! But I'm sure your husband was beaming walking into that room with you on his arm!!

  9. You made me giggle...I can so relate to the not planning thing! Especially when it comes to getting all bedazzled and blinged for an event. PJ pants and sweathshirt - I do well, formal - yikes, quite scary actually!

    Beautiful creations! Great attention to detail - like the little red pearl all snuggled up within the coil border of the die! Stunning selection of colors so perfectly suited to the style of your cards!

  10. OOh! your cards are sooooo pretty!!
    Yes, isn't it incredible that we can connect through the blogosphere!!!
    YAY for technology!!
    Have a fabulous day!!