Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flower Fusion Hello...FUSION #3

Yes, yes, I know there's a certain 'sameness' to many of my cards, the reason for which I place squarely on the shoulders of the TAWS and Paper Smooches folk.  As you can guess, my collection of said stamps is rather small, so I'm a tad obsessed with completely smitten, using them all the time often.  In fairness though, this week's FUSION #3 photo inspiration does show a frame (of sorts...a bed frame) and flowers in the bedspread, and the sketch also features a flower, soooooooo although I *tried* to resist reaching for my Doodle Frames and Petal Pushers, I caved in.  Quickly.  No contest.  Once again, my entry is 'sort of like' some of my others, yet sort of different.  Hmmmm....perhaps I'm developing a 'style.'  As long as I haven't bored you completely, that's a good thing.  And another good thing:  new stamps are due to arrive any day now (already nearly two anticipation is mounting.  Want them to be here now. As in NOW!!).

FUSION #3 was hard, even with my lovely sets at the ready, and I truly debated whether my card was post worthy or not. This morning, I gave it another scrutiny and decided it was kinda sorta cute. Before my mind flip-flops again, I'd best be submitting.  To all who see it:  thank you for putting up with me as I work on developing a 'style'.  And one of these days, I'll show you that I can - and have - done things that are completely different (and knowing what I know now, oh, how I'd give them a renovation!).

Here's the inspiration sketch and photo (bed envy...major bed envy)...
and here's my Flower Fusion

Frame, flower petals and 'hello' are all flourish-y, so I decided they were
'enough.'   I'm hoping a series of little swooshes rather than a larger one, 
as featured in the sketch, would be an okay alternative. 

Thanks for dropping by, and please know that your comments are welcome and appreciated, deeply.
Have a wonderful Wednesday !! I'm off to work, with high hopes that 'happy mail' will be snuggled in my mail box later today.  


  1. So...I'm thinking that this is spot on for the Fusion challenge. Perfect dollop of hot pink, a few frills, and nice white space. In my world, you've nailed it. Well done, my friend. Bev

  2. Well, I think your card is adorable and a great entry for the challenge. I love the modern images! Thank you so much for joining our Fusion challenge this week. ;-) And good luck developing your style - I've been at card making since about 2008, and I feel like my style is still developing.

  3. I think it is a wonderful card and I call it getting more bang for your buck! When you find a style and stamps that fit that style, you use them and use them. Gotta justify buying the stamps in the first place, right? ;)

  4. Love the pop from the bloom! thanks for joining us at Fusion!

  5. LOVE, LOVE your frame & flowers Carol - perfect FUSION!
    So glad you joined in the fun at FUSION - hope to see you again soon :)

  6. Oh this is SO "post-worthy"!! This one pops right off of the screen! Beautiful work, Carol! Colour perfection! Keep using and using those stamps...I don't want to miss seeing the beauties you are creating with them!

  7. Oh, and it DEFINITELY got my vote!!!

  8. Oh, this is soooooo post worthy! Stunningly so! Girl, ya gotta start believing that what you are creating is fantastic! Seriously!

    You have a natural keen sense of design - vividly recognizeable in this card! Bang on perfect. Not one wee element out of place.

    Beautiful card Carol :)