Sunday, December 6, 2015

Advent Countdown~an "interactive" approach...In My Creative Opinion~25 Days of Christmas Tags, Poppystamps Challenge #15~Tempting Tags, Addicted To CAS #78~Joy, CAS-ual Fridays CAS Challenge #146~Snowflakes, Dragonfly Journey #34~Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?, Little Tangles Challenge #63~Create a Tag


A chat-and photo heavy post to show you why I'm so behind in my Christmas card-making.  For the past three years, I've made  Advent Countdowns (or ups, as the case may be) for my niece and nephew. This year was no different...and, as I was last year, I was TOTALLY inspired by a variety of tags from Tracey's spectacular 25 Days of Christmas Tags series.

Of course, I was running late in getting the entire project completed before our recent trip to visit my family in late November, but I figured, as long as I had a few days' worth done, I could mail the rest (I'm still working on days 17-25! Ack!).

I began with the first three tags...and after making the third one (they're little but time-consuming, as many of you know), I thought, "Wait a second here...why am I doing all the work? Ms. T and Mr. C know how to glue things on and *taps head with finger* they might have more fun if they played a role in the "calendar" creation."  Thus, a strategy was born, My goal was to streamline the process....hahahahahahahha! NOT! Indeed, I easily doubled the whole production, but it's worth every minute invested.

Here's the scoop: Tags #1-3 are singles, made exclusively by yours truly. Tags #4-16 - where the 'brain wave' begins -  include two tags for each date, a couple of images and the whole kit and kaboodle tucked into little bags - aka "kits" - for the kids to make.  Tag 4, for example, has a white tree and an accompanying bag of sequins for them to decorate the tree as they see fit; Tag 5 has four jingle bells for them to arrange, and so on...

What you see in the photos are my 'placed, but not adhered' Aunty C versions of what the tags might look like. What they "will" look like...who knows? A five year old and a three year old are in charge of that!!  Yes, some of the die cuts and embellishments might be challenging for them to work with but  hey...mommy and daddy are part of the process, too, right? Right!'s part of my Advent project for two of the loves of my life...

All the tags are from the Stitched Mainstreet collection from Poppy Stamps, and images...well, you'll see the assortment. The tags were inspired by either Tracey or her guest designers; links are included...

Inspired by Day 5, Joanna's tag

Inspired by Day 10, Lawn Fawn showcases

Inspired by Day 10, Lynette

Here's where the 'interactive' aspect of the project begins....the little 'kits'...Remember: the only things adhered are the date tags...the rest are up to the creativity of Ms. T and Mr. C.

Inspired by Day 5, Tracey
Tag with its accompanying bag of sequins 

Inspired by Day 6, Vicki
I missed taking a photo of the second looks like this one. 

Inspired by Day 6, Tracy

Because I wasn't sure they'd know the die cuts were ornaments, I stamped one on each tag; forgot to take a photo of the blue one! Again, the kiddos are providing the 'finishing' touches.

Inspired by Day 3, Tracey

Do you wanna build a snowman?  

Inspired by Day 12, Irena and Tracey

A little forest for a couple of shimmery red foil cardstock deer. 

Inspired by Day 10, Christiana

They each get a toque-and-scarf sporting, knitting sheep...

 Inspired by Day 17, Tracey

Some solid stars and star outlines to create their own stars of wonder...

 Inspired by Day 10, Tracey  

Two penguins, two glittery snowflakes and one joy...

Inspired by Day 8, Jeri

Of course Ms. T and Mr. C are 99% nice and perhaps 1% naughty...and totally adorable!

Inspired by Day 6, Marybeth

Gingerbread house to's hard to see the stars in the background...they're a deep red

Inspired by Day 13, Tracey

Wreath decorating...

Inspired Day 24, Tracey, Ardyth,

Presents for under the tree and an angel for the top...

Inspired by Day 1, Jean

LOVE this moose (don't look too closely at my colouring...practicing, still!)

I added a moose and tree for them to colour...

Days 17-25...ongoing! I'll post once I'm done.  Note to self: plan smarter - and earlier - next time!!

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THANK  YOU so much for your patience in strolling through my 'attempt to be creative' Advent project for my niece and nephew. Hope they like it! I'm looking forward to seeing what their version of the tags will look like...


  1. Absolutely amazing collection, Carol! I'm really drawn to the adorable "Reindeer Crossing"--just too cute & love the stamped snowflakes!

  2. This is another proof that you are the best aunt ever! Lucky kids! Great idea to get them involved! They will love it!

  3. I'm glad I set aside time to come and visit (after you SPOILED ME ROTTEN with bloggy love!!!). Wow wow wow. I can't even pick a favorite because each one is so special..from the "color me" tag to the "accessorize me" one. Your darlings will be blessed and delighted to be a part of this. Well done, Aunty Carol!

  4. These are fabulous :) What a fabulous aunty you are!! Hope we can see the "final" version the kids made.

  5. What a great idea to Create little Advent tag kits for the kids to make. It will be fun to hear what the parents think about this when all the tags are finished.

  6. Oh, these are so fun, Carol! And what a great idea to get your niece & nephew in on the crafting!

  7. Curtain call Carol...take a bow...and another one...or curtsy...these are adorable and I applaud (very loudly ) your creativity here and the thought to include the children in it too! BRILLIANT Your tags are lovely a feast for the eyes.....maybe you should go into business (next year). Looking forward to seeing 17 to 25 and i do hope you will post the kids creations too! Hugs xx

  8. What a fabulous idea, Carol, to make kits and get your two lovely people involved in the making of the advent calendars! Can't wait to see the remainder :)

  9. I don't know what to say here - so much gorgeousness in one post! You must have been super busy to create all those little beauties! My favorites are the deer and the sheep tags - just too cute! I am just amazed at you creativity - its boundless!

  10. Oh, these are FABULOUS!! I think it will be so much fun for the kids to do!! And I have to admit, this 'outcome' of yours is totally something that I would have done! lol ;) Can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays, too! :)

  11. How fun to be your grand kids! These are amazing- and will be saved for many years I'm thinking! Well done and fun project!!

  12. You ARE the best auntie c in the world! All darling, very special idea, and one day they'll share this idea with loved ones of their own. .. xx

  13. Oh my, Carol! You are truly special! Look at you creating all these beautiful tag ideas. I'm absolutely certain your niece and nephew will be thrilled and have so much fun putting these together. What fun memories they will create. Thanks so much for sharing. I can't imagine how much work went into this! No stress about being behind...this is a labor of love for sure! Big hugs to you!

  14. WOW!!! You are sooooooooooo THE TAG QUEEN! These are beyond seriously incredible! I'm in awe of all the amazing ideas that you came up with. Best idea of them all is letting the kiddos create their own magic on paper! Plus, I'm quite sure your brother and SIL will enjoy some quiet time as the wee ones are putting their creative touches to paper!


    You are such a cool Aunty!

  15. Fabulous Advent Calendar tags! So much fun!

  16. Wow, your tags are adorable! I'm smitten with the 'fleece navidad' - so darn cute!

  17. You are the BEST Auntie in the whole wide world!!!!! Sweet friend, these are memories that these little ones will treasure their whole lives, and will undoubtedly pass on to their own families one day. But not only will they pass on the fun ideas and projects, they'll say, "When we were little, our most darling Auntie Carol made things for us and with us...see??!!! Oh the fun we had!!!!" These are wonderful dear friend. Can't wait to hear about their excitement! Missing you tons. Bev

  18. Oh my goodness, Carol...I have to say, Ms. T and Mr. C are the luckiest kids in the whole world to have you for their auntie! And, that's the truth!!! What a fabulous idea...and I'll bet they are going to giggle with delight while creating their own Advent Calendar! I love your idea, and every, single one of your tags!!!
    (Just take a deep breath...I'm sure you'll get the last few finished in time)

  19. And, after all that, I completely forgot to say...Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at Addicted to CAS! It's always so much fun to see your beautiful creations in the challenge gallery :)

  20. OH MY Gosh girl you have been busy!!! These are fabulous!!!!!!!

  21. Oh my fabulous tags, so pretty!

  22. Oh my goodness you have been busy Carol!! I love each and every one of them, in fact I want to come and play at your house. So much fantastic inspiration! I wish I had time to start again--Love love love!!!

  23. No wonder you're behind on the christmas cards lol! These are all gorgeous but I have to say the second one is my absolute favourite - those birds are the cutest! Thanks for playing along at CAS-ual Fridays!

  24. These advent tag kits are just gorgeous, Carol ... Miss T and Mr C will have so much fun with them ... and will love showing you when you next visit! No doubt they're going to be adorable (that's the children and finished tags!!) Hugs, Anita :)

  25. Carol, can I just say again that you are The Best Auntie Ever?!! And The Most Funnest!! All of these took a tremendous amount of work and every one is absolutely terrific!! What a ball of fun to be had!! I will probably be back again before Christmas, but if I'm not, I hope you and your family have a blessed season!! Love and Happy Holiday Hugs! Darnell

  26. Wow, this is such an amazing and thoughtful project. You win Aunt of the Year (decade) award. I know that they will have such fun with this project and will create a keepsake to treasure for years to come. I think you have started a new tradition.

  27. Wow! What an undertaking, Carol, and an act of love. All the tags are so creative and adorable and I'm sure Ms. T and Mr. C will have the time of their life finishing them up to show Auntie C. It's a memory that will last a lifetime.

  28. Holy cow look at you go girl!!! I just love each and every one of these....especially since I see some of them are made with LF images!! :) So cute cute cute!! HUGS

  29. Hi Carol! My goodness these are just the cutest ever! What an awesome job you did, and of course the snowman one is one of my favorites, but it sure is hard to pick just one. Thanks so much for joining me this week :)

    Jeannie T.
    Dragonfly Journeys

  30. Oh, my gracious! How stinkin' fun and CUTE are these?! Way to go, Auntie! You're making the rest of us look bad ;). And thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me some love during the Reverse Confetti Creative Hop!

  31. Oh my...just love all your wonderful tags. You have been a very busy lady!

  32. Theses are amazing!!!!!! Carol each one is CAS and a true work of art! What a beautiful,Advent calendar! Since you used Poppystamps tag on them (shhhh ) I think you could add a few more to the challenge for a chance to win.

  33. Well, these are just adorable. What a fantastic idea to put the fate of these wonderful tags in the hands of your niece and nephew. I have 4 grand niece/nephews and I don't know that I would have the energy to do this, but I am going to tuck the idea away. Mine are 5, 2, 2, and 3 months. These are so fun and happy and colorful. They are so lucky to have you in their lives.

  34. WOW! A whole bunch of cute tags! I hope you had fun making them all, they're all fabulous!

  35. Whoa! Hang on to your reindeers! These are beyond amazing. Awesome tags and the Advent idea is just genius. I am sooo tempted to do this next year, if I can get my act together in time. Thank YOU so much for sharing, Carol.
    hugs, Asha

  36. Fantastic tags, I love everyone..amazing details and colours on everyone.. truly inspirational work.
    Thanks for joining us over on Poppystamps blog.

  37. Your whole project is absolutely amazing - and I LOVE your inspired idea of making it interactive!!

  38. WOW! WOW! WOW! What a clever, creative and inspiring post! Love all the different ideas you've posted and I bet the children just ADORED it too!