Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas - Mini Envelope...Retro Sketches #92

Hello! My apologies for whining about our cold temperatures in my previous post, because I should have saved it for today!  We were at -34C (-29F) this morning, with the wind chill making it "feel" like -37C!  Enough of the 'first taste' of winter.  Done. Go away now.  Even my huge, like-a-sleeping-bag-with-arms-and-a-hood parka (so not trendy fashionable) couldn't keep the chill out; nor could my mondo-sized sorel boots (they're kind of cute, if you don't mind adding a bit of waddle to your gait), my hat, my scarf, my mitts, my long johns and the other three layers. Should anyone ask "Cold enough for you, yet? (which really ranks as a Top 10 dumb question to ask, especially me, who's pretty much a walking goose-bump at the best of times), the answer is Yes. Yes, indeed.

I'm making a quick departure from the tag-making excursion (4 sets of 10 are now done - I'll be sharing Round 3 shortly, and Round 4 soon, then 5, 6 and 7 down the road...), to show you the coin envelope that I made to accompany the Advent Calendar I made for my niece.  Along with a daily activity, each day also has a few coins, which she'll collect, save in her envelope and then, during the Christmas church celebration, put into the donation basket for children less fortunate.  When I chatted with her on the phone last Sunday, she was delighted to see the calendar (yayyyy...Happy Aunty C!), but noticed right away the missing envelope. Situation addressed: envelope made and then delivered in person by my husband on his recent trip.

My envelope's  inspired by Retro Sketches #92 -

A wonderful opportunity to play with my  3 X 4 scalloped envelope die, my circle and bow dies, a few new stamps and some fun, festive patterned paper...

Thanks so much for dropping by; your visit and comments make my day!


  1. I am overjoyed that Miss T was thrilled with her advent calendar! I know she fell in love with it the minute she laid eyes on it - just like I did!!! And I see she is a girl who notices the details!!! That's my kind of girl!!! Speaking of detail the little envelope is chock full of it! The chevrons fading into the background, the colourful chevrons at the bottom, the "inspected by the 25th" and that big beautiful bow! Deeeeelightful Carol!!! Now grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and bundle up near a warm cozy fireplace - those temps are riDONCulous!!!!!

  2. I know one little girl who will be delighted by are just the best Auntie ever. Can you adopt me?! lol. How proud she'll be to drop this in the collection plate. You've outdone yourself, my dear! Totally awesome. : ) Bev

  3. Oh, this is so charming, Carol ... all the little details are so perfect together ... little Miss T is sure to love it! Wrap up and keep warm ... are hot water bottles a possibility ... or would that just be too much of a fashion faux pas?? Anita :)

  4. Oh my word!!! I am freezing here at -8C but then it is a damp cold and it goes right to your bones!! We have wind here today too so even colder. I had to laugh at your walking goosebump quote - that wold be me too LOL! That is why I don't live in the prairies - I would just not make it. Soooo thankful my son's soccer game is cancelled tomorrow (frozen fields) because standing on the sidelines in these temps would be brutal!! Boys keep warm as they are running around but we just stand. Mind you, I do more that stand as I jump around and scream (I mean cheer loudly lol) for the boys and have provided entertainment for many over the years. At one tournament a mom told me she had more fun watching me than the game LOL! Think I'll stick to paying the taxes and dealing with the rain out here ;)

    What a fun big bow on your card - going to have to be a hand delivery for sure wink, wink :)

  5. Now that is one amazing little girl--noticed the missing envelope! It is so darn cute--love it, Carol! Your new products went to the right home--wow do you know how to make them shine! I'm so wanting one of those bow dies--you're quite the enabler, my friend--LOL!

  6. You totally have the 'envelope' feel happening on this envelope/card! The chevron background paper as well as the little strip at the bottom resemble air mail symbols! Love how the scalloped edge of the envelope match the scalloped edges of the bow! This is one cleverly creative project!

    Good timing with the trip north - envelope delivered....mission complete!

  7. I guess that I have to quit complaining about ten below!

    I'm so glad she liked the Advent calendar - it was truly amazing. And what a great lesson you are teaching her!

  8. Such a sweet card, Carol! I LOVE that bow! Please don't come over and read my post ~ I whined about it being 27 - yes, that's right, PLUS 27. I know. I'm sorry. I'll try not to do it again, but, darling, I don't live in the Canadian Rockies!! Hugs, Darnell