Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Thanks for Everything"...CASE Study Challenge #134

I’m always curious as to what “signs” from an inspiration piece capture our muse, and send us in the directions to ‘re-vision’ in the ways we do.   We “see” the same colours, images, patterns, sentiments – all those elements that create those mini-artworks we dearly admire, yet what we ‘see’ is as individual as we are. 
For whatever reasons, Julie’s card at  CASE Study Challenge #134 evoked memories of my grandma, who immigrated from Poland in 1932, two young sons in tow, to join my grandpa who, seeking a better life for his young family, had left five years previous.  He established a homestead in Northern Alberta, and it was to this challenging land that my grandmother arrived.   They spent close to 60 years together, and their heritage includes nine children, 36 grandchildren, 64 great-grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren – with even more on the way!
I was fortunate to spend time with my grandparents (both sides – an abundant blessing!), and I will always remember my grandma’s green thumb.   Her house was enveloped in a spectacular frenzy of flowers – sweet peas, roses, petunias (my grandpa called them ‘doggie faces’), snapdragons and asters…oh, the asters.  Above all others, they were my favourite.   In the back, raspberry bushes and strawberries flourished, while the vegetable garden was a sight to behold.   All of my grandma’s plants lived outside, except one (that I recall), set on the shelf above the kitchen sink.   It was a flowering plant, with round blossoms, that, during the course of the year, would change colours, from soft pink, to delicate blue, to a lovely shade of pastel green.  My grandma didn’t learn to speak English very well (she could understand General Hospital, and her other beloved soap operas just fine with the limited language she had – and her children – including my mom – spoke to her in Polish. Communication was never an issue), so I never did learn the ‘real’ name of the plant.  She called it a ‘four seasons’ – and to a little girl, that was name enough!

When I saw Julie’s card, 
recollections of my grandma flooded my thoughts, triggering little flashes of special moments and times that I’d set aside.   Perhaps it was the blue and green images…perhaps it was the ‘bloom’ stamp from TAWS…perhaps it ‘just was’ time to remember grandma… The combination of all three sparked my card – and although it’s quite ‘simple’ (since we’re travelling…I. LOVE. BEND…and my supplies are sparse), I’ve tried to re-create two of the ‘four seasons’ of my grandma’s flowers.

Anyway – a long, kind of ‘mushy’ story for my rather basic card, but putting those memories in print feels good. My card’s 'essence' is dedicated to my grandma:  Thank you for everything!! 

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Wishes for warm memories to find their way into your thoughts today...


Maureen said...

what a lovely recollection! I love when the process of a card brings such joy :) Thanks so much for sharing it and playing with us over on CASE Study :) I'm from BC and am always happy to read about Canada :)

Kim S said...

Thank you for the lovely story! It got me thinking about my own memories. I don't remember my own grandparents very well - but I do have mental images of their farm and my grandma's garden. I remember that part of it was very shady and part was very sunny. I always loved when it was shady - there were richly colored strawberries everywhere. I grew up in a town with two working parents and we never had a garden - so this shady patch was absolutely magical.

You have done a beautiful job on your card creating a garden of special blooms!

Marlena M. said...

Thank you for sharing your story about your grandma~wow what a woman! Talk about patience, waiting faithfully for 5 YEARS to follow her husband to a new home. We faced many deployments...the longest being 15 months...I can't imagine 5 years. Beautiful testimony for her~gorgeous card too Carol!

Shannon J said...

Okay, can I just say I think this is my FAVOURITE card so far!!! You have magically created an ombre effect with your patterned paper that just made my eyes pop out. Add to that the whimsical leaves placed just perfectly in all the right places, with gorgeous dimension. The sentiment so perfectly fills the rest of the space. Love, love, LOVE!!! (and I see your TAWS stamps arrived safely in Bend!)

And the memories you shared of your grandma just made my heart smile. A beautiful tribute to her. Special grandma, and special granddaughter! Like you, I was lucky to have had my grandparents be a very close part of my life while they were living, but oh how I wish I could spend time with them still. I am so grateful for the time we did have together.

Hope the trip home is going well. Please travel safe, and we will chat soon xx